17 Girls

1h 27m

Inspired by events that took place in Massachusetts, Delphine and Muriel Coulin's provocative debut focuses on a group of bored teenage girls who all make an irrevocable pact. When Camille (Louise Grinberg) accidentally becomes pregnant, she encourages her friends and fellow high school classmates to follow suit. It's only a matter of time, before 17 girls in the high school are pregnant and the town is thrown into a world of chaos. Set in the writer/directors' small, seaside hometown of Lorient in Brittany, 17 Girls is a reflection on adolescence, body image, friendship and the perplexing realities of growing up.


  • Image Arthur Verret
    Arthur Verret
  • Image Benoît Carré
    Benoît Carré
  • Image Carlo Brandt
    Carlo Brandt
  • Image Charlotte Alonso
    Charlotte Alonso
  • Image Clémence Thibault
    Clémence Thibault
  • Image Erika Vandelet
    Erika Vandelet
  • Image Esther Garrel
    Esther Garrel
  • Image Eva Kermorvant
    Eva Kermorvant
  • Image Florence Thomassin
    Florence Thomassin
  • Image Frédéric Noaille
    Frédéric Noaille
  • Image Jean Le Scouarnec
    Jean Le Scouarnec
  • Image Jeanne Pellan
    Jeanne Pellan
  • Image Jocelyne Desverchère
    Jocelyne Desverchère
  • Image Julia Ballester
    Julia Ballester
  • Image Juliette Darche
    Juliette Darche
  • Image Lionel Gonzalez
    Lionel Gonzalez
  • Image Louise Grinberg
    Louise Grinberg
  • Image Luc-Antoine Diquéro
    Luc-Antoine Diquéro
  • Image Lucía Sánchez
    Lucía Sánchez
  • Image Manon Denis
    Manon Denis
  • Image Noémie Lvovsky
    Noémie Lvovsky
  • Image Pauline Gibert
    Pauline Gibert
  • Image Philippine Raude Toulliou
    Philippine Raude Toulliou
  • Image Pierre Devérines
    Pierre Devérines
  • Image Roxane Duran
    Roxane Duran
  • Image Samuel Achache
    Samuel Achache
  • Image Serge Moati
    Serge Moati
  • Image Sharleen Le Mero Pietruszka
    Sharleen Le Mero Pietruszka
  • Image Solène Rigot
    Solène Rigot
  • Image Violaine Hayano
    Violaine Hayano
  • Image Yara Pilartz
    Yara Pilartz
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