18 Year Old Virgin

1h 26m

In a series of sexual mishaps, a high school senior tries to lose her virginity on the last night before graduation.


  • Image Alberto Alvarado
    Alberto Alvarado
  • Image Alejandro Mora
    Alejandro Mora
  • Image Benjamin Brugger
    Benjamin Brugger
  • Image Blake Fullmer
    Blake Fullmer
  • Image Brad Ulrich
    Brad Ulrich
  • Image Brendon Eggertsen
    Brendon Eggertsen
  • Image Chad Vigil
    Chad Vigil
  • Image Chelsey Reynolds
    Chelsey Reynolds
  • Image Collen Drew Henderson
    Collen Drew Henderson
  • Image Conor Moriarty
    Conor Moriarty
  • Image Crystal Baker
    Crystal Baker
  • Image Dan Sykes
    Dan Sykes
  • Image Danielle Gatto
    Danielle Gatto
  • Image Dustin Fitzsimons
    Dustin Fitzsimons
  • Image Dustin Harnish
    Dustin Harnish
  • Image Elli Foxx
    Elli Foxx
  • Image Erica Rhodes
    Erica Rhodes
  • Image Giancarlo Vidrio
    Giancarlo Vidrio
  • Image Howard Rosell
    Howard Rosell
  • Image J. Michael Trautmann
    J. Michael Trautmann
  • Image Julia Putnam
    Julia Putnam
  • Image Kara Michelle Hyatt
    Kara Michelle Hyatt
  • Image Karmen Morales
    Karmen Morales
  • Image Kim Argetsinger
    Kim Argetsinger
  • Image Lauren Walsh
    Lauren Walsh
  • Image Madeleine Leigh
    Madeleine Leigh
  • Image Matt Legacy
    Matt Legacy
  • Image Olivia May
    Olivia May
  • Image Robbie Henke
    Robbie Henke
  • Image Seth Cassell
    Seth Cassell
  • Image Tamara Carey
    Tamara Carey
  • Image Todd Leigh
    Todd Leigh
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