6 Days

1h 35m

London, England, April 1980. Six terrorists assault the Embassy of Iran and take hostages. For six days, tense negotiations are held while the authorities decide whether a military squad should intervene.


  • Image Abbie Cornish
    Abbie Cornish
  • Image Ajayshri
  • Image Alan McElroy
    Alan McElroy
  • Image Andrew Grainger
    Andrew Grainger
  • Image Andrew Lawrence
    Andrew Lawrence
  • Image Aymen Hamdouchi
    Aymen Hamdouchi
  • Image Ben Turner
    Ben Turner
  • Image Brady Powell
    Brady Powell
  • Image Calum Gittins
    Calum Gittins
  • Image Colin Garlick
    Colin Garlick
  • Image Colin Moy
    Colin Moy
  • Image David Rumney
    David Rumney
  • Image Dominic Hughes
    Dominic Hughes
  • Image Emma Campbell-Jones
    Emma Campbell-Jones
  • Image Emun Elliott
    Emun Elliott
  • Image Eric Colvin
    Eric Colvin
  • Image Fayssal Bazzi
    Fayssal Bazzi
  • Image Ghazaleh Golbakhsh
    Ghazaleh Golbakhsh
  • Image Glen Levy
    Glen Levy
  • Image Jamie Bell
    Jamie Bell
  • Image Jared Turner
    Jared Turner
  • Image Jay Sutherland
    Jay Sutherland
  • Image Jeff Szusterman
    Jeff Szusterman
  • Image Joel Beckett
    Joel Beckett
  • Image John Henshaw
    John Henshaw
  • Image John Ramm
    John Ramm
  • Image Kenneth Collard
    Kenneth Collard
  • Image Kip Chapman
    Kip Chapman
  • Image Margaret Thatcher
    Margaret Thatcher
  • Image Marjan Gorgani
    Marjan Gorgani
  • Image Mark Strong
    Mark Strong
  • Image Martin Hancock
    Martin Hancock
  • Image Martin Shaw
    Martin Shaw
  • Image Matthew Sunderland
    Matthew Sunderland
  • Image Mia Blake
    Mia Blake
  • Image Michael Denkha
    Michael Denkha
  • Image Nicholas Boulton
    Nicholas Boulton
  • Image Phil Peleton
    Phil Peleton
  • Image Robert Hartley
    Robert Hartley
  • Image Robert Portal
    Robert Portal
  • Image Ronan Vibert
    Ronan Vibert
  • Image Ryan O'Kane
    Ryan O'Kane
  • Image Sam Snedden
    Sam Snedden
  • Image Sara Stone
    Sara Stone
  • Image Scarlett Featherstone
    Scarlett Featherstone
  • Image Scott Michael Wagstaff
    Scott Michael Wagstaff
  • Image Simon Elrahi
    Simon Elrahi
  • Image Te Kohe Tuhaka
    Te Kohe Tuhaka
  • Image Tim Downie
    Tim Downie
  • Image Tim Pigott-Smith
    Tim Pigott-Smith
  • Image Toby Leach
    Toby Leach
  • Image Venice Harris
    Venice Harris
  • Image William Chubb
    William Chubb
  • Image Xavier Horan
    Xavier Horan
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