7 Days in Entebbe

1h 47m

In 1976, four hijackers take over an Air France airplane en route from Tel Aviv to Paris and force it to land in Entebbe, Uganda. With 248 passengers on board, one of the most daring rescue missions ever is set in motion.


  • Image Ala Dakka
    Ala Dakka
  • Image Amir Khoury
    Amir Khoury
  • Image Andrea Deck
    Andrea Deck
  • Image Angel Bonanni
    Angel Bonanni
  • Image Ben Schnetzer
    Ben Schnetzer
  • Image Brontis Jodorowsky
    Brontis Jodorowsky
  • Image Cameron Campbell
    Cameron Campbell
  • Image Daniel Ben Zenou
    Daniel Ben Zenou
  • Image Daniel Brühl
    Daniel Brühl
  • Image Danny Scheinmann
    Danny Scheinmann
  • Image Denis Ménochet
    Denis Ménochet
  • Image Eddie Marsan
    Eddie Marsan
  • Image Ehab Bahous
    Ehab Bahous
  • Image Flynn Allen
    Flynn Allen
  • Image Gabriel Constantin
    Gabriel Constantin
  • Image Gal Pertsiger
    Gal Pertsiger
  • Image Gil Cohen-Alloro
    Gil Cohen-Alloro
  • Image Guy Zo-Aretz
    Guy Zo-Aretz
  • Image Guy Zu-Aretz
    Guy Zu-Aretz
  • Image Ingrid Craigie
    Ingrid Craigie
  • Image Joerg Stadler
    Joerg Stadler
  • Image Juan Pablo Raba
    Juan Pablo Raba
  • Image Laurel Lefkow
    Laurel Lefkow
  • Image Laurence Bouvard
    Laurence Bouvard
  • Image Lior Ashkenazi
    Lior Ashkenazi
  • Image Lonyo Engele
    Lonyo Engele
  • Image Mark Ivanir
    Mark Ivanir
  • Image Michael Lewis
    Michael Lewis
  • Image Michal Banai
    Michal Banai
  • Image Michal Shtamler
    Michal Shtamler
  • Image Natalie Stone
    Natalie Stone
  • Image Nathan Ravitz
    Nathan Ravitz
  • Image Nonso Anozie
    Nonso Anozie
  • Image Noof McEwan
    Noof McEwan
  • Image Omar Berdouni
    Omar Berdouni
  • Image Paloma Coquant
    Paloma Coquant
  • Image Peter Sullivan
    Peter Sullivan
  • Image Pierre Boulanger
    Pierre Boulanger
  • Image Ria Zmitrowicz
    Ria Zmitrowicz
  • Image Rosamund Pike
    Rosamund Pike
  • Image Saffron Scheinmann
    Saffron Scheinmann
  • Image Samy Seghir
    Samy Seghir
  • Image Shai Forester
    Shai Forester
  • Image Steve John Shepherd
    Steve John Shepherd
  • Image Tomer Kapon
    Tomer Kapon
  • Image Trudy Weiss
    Trudy Weiss
  • Image Uri Roodner
    Uri Roodner
  • Image Uriel Emil Pollack
    Uriel Emil Pollack
  • Image Vincent Riotta
    Vincent Riotta
  • Image Yaron Shavit
    Yaron Shavit
  • Image Yiftach Klein
    Yiftach Klein
  • Image Zina Zinchenko
    Zina Zinchenko
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