9 Month Stretch

1h 22m
  • 9 mois ferme
  • 07-09-2013
  • Comedy
  • Albert Dupontel
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Ariane Felder is pregnant! This is surprising with her being a young hardened judge with strict morals. But what is more surprising is that, according to paternity testing, the child's father is none other than Bob, a criminal from the prosecution charged with an atrocious attack! Ariane doesn't remember any of what has happened, so she has no idea what to expect...


  • Image Albert Dupontel
    Albert Dupontel
  • Image Alex Fondja
    Alex Fondja
  • Image Babetida Sadjo
    Babetida Sadjo
  • Image Bouli Lanners
    Bouli Lanners
  • Image Céline Jorrion
    Céline Jorrion
  • Image Choukri Essadi
    Choukri Essadi
  • Image Christian Hecq
    Christian Hecq
  • Image Christophe Meynet
    Christophe Meynet
  • Image Christophe Pinel
    Christophe Pinel
  • Image Claudine Acs
    Claudine Acs
  • Image David Marsais
    David Marsais
  • Image Emilie Parvillers
    Emilie Parvillers
  • Image Gaëlle Jeantet
    Gaëlle Jeantet
  • Image Gaspar Noé
    Gaspar Noé
  • Image Gigi Ledron
    Gigi Ledron
  • Image Gilles Gaston-Dreyfus
    Gilles Gaston-Dreyfus
  • Image Grégoire Ludig
    Grégoire Ludig
  • Image Jacques Mateu
    Jacques Mateu
  • Image Jan Kounen
    Jan Kounen
  • Image Jean Dujardin
    Jean Dujardin
  • Image John Arnold
    John Arnold
  • Image Laure Calamy
    Laure Calamy
  • Image Laurent Manzoni
    Laurent Manzoni
  • Image Loïc Lefebvre
    Loïc Lefebvre
  • Image Marco Panzani
    Marco Panzani
  • Image Marie-Philomène Nga
    Marie-Philomène Nga
  • Image Michel Fau
    Michel Fau
  • Image Michèle Bernard-Requin
    Michèle Bernard-Requin
  • Image Moana Ferré
    Moana Ferré
  • Image Nicolas Marié
    Nicolas Marié
  • Image Philippe Duquesne
    Philippe Duquesne
  • Image Philippe Uchan
    Philippe Uchan
  • Image Pierre Bénézit
    Pierre Bénézit
  • Image Raphaël Mathon
    Raphaël Mathon
  • Image Sandrine Kiberlain
    Sandrine Kiberlain
  • Image Soraya Hachoumi
    Soraya Hachoumi
  • Image Stéphane Martin
    Stéphane Martin
  • Image Terry Gilliam
    Terry Gilliam
  • Image Yolande Moreau
    Yolande Moreau
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