A Bridge Too Far

2h 55m

Operation Market Garden, September 1944. The Allies attempt to capture several strategically important bridges in the Netherlands in the hope of breaking the German lines.


  • Image Adrienne Kleiweg
    Adrienne Kleiweg
  • Image Alun Armstrong
    Alun Armstrong
  • Image Andrew Branch
    Andrew Branch
  • Image Anthony Hopkins
    Anthony Hopkins
  • Image Anthony Milner
    Anthony Milner
  • Image Anthony Pullen Shaw
    Anthony Pullen Shaw
  • Image Arthur Hill
    Arthur Hill
  • Image Barry McCarthy
    Barry McCarthy
  • Image Ben Cross
    Ben Cross
  • Image Ben Howard
    Ben Howard
  • Image Bertus Botterman
    Bertus Botterman
  • Image Brian Gwaspari
    Brian Gwaspari
  • Image Brian Hawksley
    Brian Hawksley
  • Image Christopher Good
    Christopher Good
  • Image Colin Farrell
    Colin Farrell
  • Image David Auker
    David Auker
  • Image David English
    David English
  • Image Denholm Elliott
    Denholm Elliott
  • Image Dick Rienstra
    Dick Rienstra
  • Image Dirk Bogarde
    Dirk Bogarde
  • Image Donald Douglas
    Donald Douglas
  • Image Donald Pickering
    Donald Pickering
  • Image Edward Fox
    Edward Fox
  • Image Edward Kalinski
    Edward Kalinski
  • Image Edward Seckerson
    Edward Seckerson
  • Image Elliott Gould
    Elliott Gould
  • Image Erik Chitty
    Erik Chitty
  • Image Erik van 't Wout
    Erik van 't Wout
  • Image Frank Grimes
    Frank Grimes
  • Image Fred Williams
    Fred Williams
  • Image Garrick Hagon
    Garrick Hagon
  • Image Gene Hackman
    Gene Hackman
  • Image Geoffrey Hinsliff
    Geoffrey Hinsliff
  • Image George Innes
    George Innes
  • Image Georgette Reyevski
    Georgette Reyevski
  • Image Gerald Sim
    Gerald Sim
  • Image Hans Croiset
    Hans Croiset
  • Image Hans von Borsody
    Hans von Borsody
  • Image Hardy Krüger
    Hardy Krüger
  • Image Harry Ditson
    Harry Ditson
  • Image Hartmut Becker
    Hartmut Becker
  • Image Henny Alma
    Henny Alma
  • Image Hilary Minster
    Hilary Minster
  • Image Ian Liston
    Ian Liston
  • Image Jack Galloway
    Jack Galloway
  • Image James Caan
    James Caan
  • Image James Wardroper
    James Wardroper
  • Image Jeremy Kemp
    Jeremy Kemp
  • Image Johan te Slaa
    Johan te Slaa
  • Image John Judd
    John Judd
  • Image John Morton
    John Morton
  • Image John Ratzenberger
    John Ratzenberger
  • Image John Salthouse
    John Salthouse
  • Image John Stride
    John Stride
  • Image Jonathan Hackett
    Jonathan Hackett
  • Image Josephine Peeper
    Josephine Peeper
  • Image Keith Drinkel
    Keith Drinkel
  • Image Laurence Olivier
    Laurence Olivier
  • Image Lex van Delden
    Lex van Delden
  • Image Liv Ullmann
    Liv Ullmann
  • Image Mark Sheridan
    Mark Sheridan
  • Image Marlies van Alcmaer
    Marlies van Alcmaer
  • Image Mary Smithuysen
    Mary Smithuysen
  • Image Maximilian Schell
    Maximilian Schell
  • Image Michael Bangerter
    Michael Bangerter
  • Image Michael Byrne
    Michael Byrne
  • Image Michael Caine
    Michael Caine
  • Image Michael Graham Cox
    Michael Graham Cox
  • Image Michael Wolf
    Michael Wolf
  • Image Milton Cadman
    Milton Cadman
  • Image Myles Reithermann
    Myles Reithermann
  • Image Neil Kennedy
    Neil Kennedy
  • Image Niall Padden
    Niall Padden
  • Image Nicholas Campbell
    Nicholas Campbell
  • Image Norman Gregory
    Norman Gregory
  • Image Patrick Ryecart
    Patrick Ryecart
  • Image Paul Copley
    Paul Copley
  • Image Paul Rattee
    Paul Rattee
  • Image Peter Gordon
    Peter Gordon
  • Image Peter Settelen
    Peter Settelen
  • Image Pieter Groenier
    Pieter Groenier
  • Image Ray Jewers
    Ray Jewers
  • Image Richard Attenborough
    Richard Attenborough
  • Image Richard Kane
    Richard Kane
  • Image Robert Redford
    Robert Redford
  • Image Ryan O'Neal
    Ryan O'Neal
  • Image Sean Connery
    Sean Connery
  • Image Sean Mathias
    Sean Mathias
  • Image Sebastian Abineri
    Sebastian Abineri
  • Image Shaun Curry
    Shaun Curry
  • Image Siem Vroom
    Siem Vroom
  • Image Simon Chandler
    Simon Chandler
  • Image Stanley Lebor
    Stanley Lebor
  • Image Stephen Churchett
    Stephen Churchett
  • Image Stephen Moore
    Stephen Moore
  • Image Stephen Rayment
    Stephen Rayment
  • Image Tim Beekman
    Tim Beekman
  • Image Timothy Morand
    Timothy Morand
  • Image Toby Salaman
    Toby Salaman
  • Image Tom van Beek
    Tom van Beek
  • Image Walter Kohut
    Walter Kohut
  • Image Wolfgang Preiss
    Wolfgang Preiss
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