A Christmas Tale

2h 32m

When their regal matriarch falls ill, the troubled Vuillard family come together for a hesitant Christmastime reunion. Among them is rebellious ne'er-do-well Henri and the uptight Elizabeth. Together under the same roof for the first time in many years, their intricate, long denied resentments and yearnings emerge again.


  • Image Anne Consigny
    Anne Consigny
  • Image Azize Kabouche
    Azize Kabouche
  • Image Beata Nilska
    Beata Nilska
  • Image Catherine Deneuve
    Catherine Deneuve
  • Image Chiara Mastroianni
    Chiara Mastroianni
  • Image Clément Obled
    Clément Obled
  • Image David Frenkel
    David Frenkel
  • Image Émile Berling
    Émile Berling
  • Image Emmanuelle Devos
    Emmanuelle Devos
  • Image François Regnault
    François Regnault
  • Image Françoise Bertin
    Françoise Bertin
  • Image Hélène Darras
    Hélène Darras
  • Image Hélène Roussel
    Hélène Roussel
  • Image Hippolyte Girardot
    Hippolyte Girardot
  • Image Jean-Paul Roussillon
    Jean-Paul Roussillon
  • Image Jean-Pierre Jouet
    Jean-Pierre Jouet
  • Image Laurent Capelluto
    Laurent Capelluto
  • Image Marie-France Jaskula
    Marie-France Jaskula
  • Image Mathieu Amalric
    Mathieu Amalric
  • Image Mathieu Bakanina
    Mathieu Bakanina
  • Image Melvil Poupaud
    Melvil Poupaud
  • Image Miglen Mirtchev
    Miglen Mirtchev
  • Image Philippe Morier-Genoud
    Philippe Morier-Genoud
  • Image Romain Goupil
    Romain Goupil
  • Image Samir Guesmi
    Samir Guesmi
  • Image Thierry Bosc
    Thierry Bosc
  • Image Thomas Obled
    Thomas Obled
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