A Hijacking

1h 43m

Tensions are high after a Danish freighter is captured and held for ransom by Somali pirates, leading to weeks of high-stakes negotiations – and an escalating potential for explosive violence.


  • Image Abdi Rashid Yusuf
    Abdi Rashid Yusuf
  • Image Abdihakin Asgar
    Abdihakin Asgar
  • Image Abdullah Jamal Mohamed
    Abdullah Jamal Mohamed
  • Image Abubakar Ramadhan
    Abubakar Ramadhan
  • Image Ali Abdullahi Mursal
    Ali Abdullahi Mursal
  • Image Ali Daudi Osman
    Ali Daudi Osman
  • Image Allan Arnby
    Allan Arnby
  • Image Amalie Ihle Alstrup
    Amalie Ihle Alstrup
  • Image Amalie Vulff Andersen
    Amalie Vulff Andersen
  • Image Bettina Schjerlund
    Bettina Schjerlund
  • Image Bjarne Nørgaard
    Bjarne Nørgaard
  • Image Bo Hau-Vangsøe
    Bo Hau-Vangsøe
  • Image Carsten Eigil Hedegaard
    Carsten Eigil Hedegaard
  • Image Christina Cramer
    Christina Cramer
  • Image Christoffer Sørensen
    Christoffer Sørensen
  • Image Claus Friis
    Claus Friis
  • Image Dar Salim
    Dar Salim
  • Image Derrick Dharmakan
    Derrick Dharmakan
  • Image Frank Moltke
    Frank Moltke
  • Image Gary Skjoldmose Porter
    Gary Skjoldmose Porter
  • Image Hassan Abdullahi Mussa
    Hassan Abdullahi Mussa
  • Image Hassan Ali Aden
    Hassan Ali Aden
  • Image Hussein Ali Igal
    Hussein Ali Igal
  • Image Jacob Lentz
    Jacob Lentz
  • Image Jakob Meyers
    Jakob Meyers
  • Image Jimmy Kei Yamaue
    Jimmy Kei Yamaue
  • Image Juma Mvita
    Juma Mvita
  • Image Karim Chakera
    Karim Chakera
  • Image Keith Pearson
    Keith Pearson
  • Image Ken Christensen
    Ken Christensen
  • Image Linda Laursen
    Linda Laursen
  • Image Lise Nørskov
    Lise Nørskov
  • Image Michael Christensen
    Michael Christensen
  • Image Michael Glockmann
    Michael Glockmann
  • Image Min Kyan
    Min Kyan "Thura" Aung
  • Image Mohamed Aden Kher
    Mohamed Aden Kher
  • Image Ole Bager Nielsen
    Ole Bager Nielsen
  • Image Ole Dupont
    Ole Dupont
  • Image Peter Løvendal Kam
    Peter Løvendal Kam
  • Image Pilou Asbæk
    Pilou Asbæk
  • Image Roland Møller
    Roland Møller
  • Image Shukri Abdi Mohamed
    Shukri Abdi Mohamed
  • Image Shukri Guyo Tarso
    Shukri Guyo Tarso
  • Image Søren Malling
    Søren Malling
  • Image Sussie Nøhr
    Sussie Nøhr
  • Image Tomizo
    Tomizo "Ika" Kitamoto
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