A Man Called Horse

1h 54m

In 1825 an English aristocrat is captured by Indians. He lives with them and begins to understand/accept their lifestyles. Eventually he is accepted as part of the tribe and becomes their leader.


  • Image Aloysius Eagleman
    Aloysius Eagleman
  • Image Corinna Tsopei
    Corinna Tsopei
  • Image Dub Taylor
    Dub Taylor
  • Image Eddie Little Sky
    Eddie Little Sky
  • Image Edward Little
    Edward Little
  • Image Iron Eyes Cody
    Iron Eyes Cody
  • Image Jackson Tail
    Jackson Tail
  • Image James Gammon
    James Gammon
  • Image James Never Miss a Shot
    James Never Miss a Shot
  • Image Jasper Redhat
    Jasper Redhat
  • Image Jean Gascon
    Jean Gascon
  • Image Judith Anderson
    Judith Anderson
  • Image Justin Thin Elk
    Justin Thin Elk
  • Image Lee Schaff Guardino
    Lee Schaff Guardino
  • Image Lina Marín
    Lina Marín
  • Image Lloyd One Star
    Lloyd One Star
  • Image Manu Tupou
    Manu Tupou
  • Image Manuel Padilla Jr.
    Manuel Padilla Jr.
  • Image Michael Baseleon
    Michael Baseleon
  • Image Richard Harris
    Richard Harris
  • Image Samuel White Horse
    Samuel White Horse
  • Image Sonny Skyhawk
    Sonny Skyhawk
  • Image Tamara Garina
    Tamara Garina
  • Image Terry Leonard
    Terry Leonard
  • Image Tom Tyon
    Tom Tyon
  • Image Vince St. Cyr
    Vince St. Cyr
  • Image William Jordan
    William Jordan
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