A Million Ways to Die in the West

1h 56m

As a cowardly farmer begins to fall for the mysterious new woman in town, he must put his new-found courage to the test when her husband, a notorious gun-slinger, announces his arrival.


  • Image Aaron McPherson
    Aaron McPherson
  • Image Alec Sulkin
    Alec Sulkin
  • Image Alex Borstein
    Alex Borstein
  • Image Alex Wong
    Alex Wong
  • Image Allyn Rachel
    Allyn Rachel
  • Image Amanda Seyfried
    Amanda Seyfried
  • Image Amick Byram
    Amick Byram
  • Image Andrew Pirozzi
    Andrew Pirozzi
  • Image Ardy Brent Carlson
    Ardy Brent Carlson
  • Image Belle Shouse
    Belle Shouse
  • Image Bill Maher
    Bill Maher
  • Image Bob Jesser
    Bob Jesser
  • Image Brett Rickaby
    Brett Rickaby
  • Image Catherine Shu
    Catherine Shu
  • Image Challen Cates
    Challen Cates
  • Image Charlize Theron
    Charlize Theron
  • Image Christopher Hagen
    Christopher Hagen
  • Image Christopher Lloyd
    Christopher Lloyd
  • Image Dennis Haskins
    Dennis Haskins
  • Image Dylan Kenin
    Dylan Kenin
  • Image Evan Jones
    Evan Jones
  • Image Ewan McGregor
    Ewan McGregor
  • Image Franklin Broderick Spencer
    Franklin Broderick Spencer
  • Image Gilbert Gottfried
    Gilbert Gottfried
  • Image Giovanni Ribisi
    Giovanni Ribisi
  • Image Ivan Brutsche
    Ivan Brutsche
  • Image Jackamoe Buzzell
    Jackamoe Buzzell
  • Image Jamie Foxx
    Jamie Foxx
  • Image Jay Patterson
    Jay Patterson
  • Image Jean Effron
    Jean Effron
  • Image Jimmy Hart
    Jimmy Hart
  • Image Joe Berryman
    Joe Berryman
  • Image John Aylward
    John Aylward
  • Image John Michael Higgins
    John Michael Higgins
  • Image Julius Sharpe
    Julius Sharpe
  • Image Kaley Cuoco
    Kaley Cuoco
  • Image Kelsey Paschich
    Kelsey Paschich
  • Image Kevin Wiggins
    Kevin Wiggins
  • Image Liam Neeson
    Liam Neeson
  • Image Lydia Cash
    Lydia Cash
  • Image Mae Whitman
    Mae Whitman
  • Image Matt Clark
    Matt Clark
  • Image Mike Miller
    Mike Miller
  • Image Mike Salazar
    Mike Salazar
  • Image Neil Patrick Harris
    Neil Patrick Harris
  • Image Patrick Stewart
    Patrick Stewart
  • Image Preston Bailey
    Preston Bailey
  • Image Ralph Garman
    Ralph Garman
  • Image Rex Linn
    Rex Linn
  • Image Ryan Reynolds
    Ryan Reynolds
  • Image Sarah O'Gleby
    Sarah O'Gleby
  • Image Sarah Silverman
    Sarah Silverman
  • Image Seth MacFarlane
    Seth MacFarlane
  • Image Tait Fletcher
    Tait Fletcher
  • Image Tatanka Means
    Tatanka Means
  • Image Vladimir Conde Reche
    Vladimir Conde Reche
  • Image Wes Studi
    Wes Studi
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