A Perfect Ending

1h 50m
  • A Perfect Ending
  • 01-06-2012
  • Drama, Romance
  • Nicole Conn
  • 4.0 1 votes

This intimate drama follows Rebecca, a woman who has kept her sexuality a secret from her friends but chooses to reveal it to a stranger. While Rebecca's revelations may not yield the results she expects, a perfect ending is still in reach.


  • Image Barbara Niven
    Barbara Niven
  • Image Bryan Mordechai Jackson
    Bryan Mordechai Jackson
  • Image Cathy DeBuono
    Cathy DeBuono
  • Image Gary Weeks
    Gary Weeks
  • Image Gloria Gifford
    Gloria Gifford
  • Image Imelda Corcoran
    Imelda Corcoran
  • Image Jessica Clark
    Jessica Clark
  • Image John Heard
    John Heard
  • Image Kerry Knuppe
    Kerry Knuppe
  • Image Lauryn Nicole Hamilton
    Lauryn Nicole Hamilton
  • Image Lee Anne Matusek
    Lee Anne Matusek
  • Image Marc Crumpton
    Marc Crumpton
  • Image Mary Jane Wells
    Mary Jane Wells
  • Image Michael Adam Hamilton
    Michael Adam Hamilton
  • Image Morgan Fairchild
    Morgan Fairchild
  • Image Rebecca Staab
    Rebecca Staab
  • Image Ruth Connell
    Ruth Connell
  • Image Terrence Beasor
    Terrence Beasor
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