A Son Named Erasmus

1h 47m
  • Un figlio di nome Erasmus
  • 01-07-2020
  • Comedy
  • Alberto Ferrari
  • 0 votes

Four friends in their 40's are summoned to Lisbon for Amalia's funeral. She's left them an unexpected legacy: a child conceived with one of them during an Erasmus study program in Portugal 20 years ago. They embark on a daring and exciting journey in search of the mystery offspring while waiting for the DNA results to find out which one is the father.


  • Image Carol Alt
    Carol Alt
  • Image Daniele Liotti
    Daniele Liotti
  • Image Elena Vanni
    Elena Vanni
  • Image Giulia Galiani
    Giulia Galiani
  • Image Luca Bizzarri
    Luca Bizzarri
  • Image Paolo Kessisoglu
    Paolo Kessisoglu
  • Image Ricky Memphis
    Ricky Memphis
  • Image Valentina Corti
    Valentina Corti
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