A Yellow Animal

1h 55m
  • Um Animal Amarelo
  • 22-01-2020
  • Drama
  • Felipe Bragança
  • 0 votes

Obsessed with questions about his past, a bankrupt, white Brazilian filmmaker undertakes an epic journey from Brazil to Mozambique and Portugal. This melancholic fable mixes animation, live-action, voice-overs, genres, and continents to explore Brazil's colonial past.


  • Image Adriano Luz
    Adriano Luz
  • Image Catarina Wallenstein
    Catarina Wallenstein
  • Image Diogo Dória
    Diogo Dória
  • Image Herson Capri
    Herson Capri
  • Image Higor Campagnaro
    Higor Campagnaro
  • Image Isabél Zuaa
    Isabél Zuaa
  • Image Lucília Raimundo
    Lucília Raimundo
  • Image Márcio Vito
    Márcio Vito
  • Image Matamba Joaquim
    Matamba Joaquim
  • Image Sophie Charlotte
    Sophie Charlotte
  • Image Tainá Medina
    Tainá Medina
  • Image Thiago Lacerda
    Thiago Lacerda
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