Abou Leila

2h 15m

Algeria, 1994. S. and Lotfi, two friends from childhood, travel through the desert looking for Abou Leila, a dangerous terrorist on the run. Their quest seems absurd, given that the Sahara has not been affected by the wave of attacks. Lofti has only one priority : to keep S. as far from the capital as possible, knowing his friend is too fragile to face more bloodshed. But the closest they get into the desert, the more they will be confronted with their own violence.


  • Image Azouz Abdelkader
    Azouz Abdelkader
  • Image Fouad Megiraga
    Fouad Megiraga
  • Image Hocine Mokhtar
    Hocine Mokhtar
  • Image Lyes Salem
    Lyes Salem
  • Image Meryem Medjkane
    Meryem Medjkane
  • Image Slimane Benouari
    Slimane Benouari
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