Act of Valor

1h 50m

When a covert mission to rescue a kidnapped CIA operative uncovers a chilling plot, an elite, highly trained U.S. SEAL team speeds to hotspots around the globe, racing against the clock to stop a deadly terrorist attack.


  • Image Ailsa Marshall
    Ailsa Marshall
  • Image Alex Veadov
    Alex Veadov
  • Image Alexander Asefa
    Alexander Asefa
  • Image Angela Mora
    Angela Mora
  • Image Antoni Corone
    Antoni Corone
  • Image Artie Malesci
    Artie Malesci
  • Image Aspen Widowson
    Aspen Widowson
  • Image Aurelius DiBarsanti
    Aurelius DiBarsanti
  • Image Beth Waugh
    Beth Waugh
  • Image Carla Jimenez
    Carla Jimenez
  • Image Charles Chiyangwa
    Charles Chiyangwa
  • Image Christian Mante
    Christian Mante
  • Image Conrad Garcia
    Conrad Garcia
  • Image Craig H. Davidson
    Craig H. Davidson
  • Image Dan Southworth
    Dan Southworth
  • Image Dimiter D. Marinov
    Dimiter D. Marinov
  • Image Drea Castro
    Drea Castro
  • Image Ed Abel Pineda
    Ed Abel Pineda
  • Image Emilio Rivera
    Emilio Rivera
  • Image Ernie Reyes, Jr.
    Ernie Reyes, Jr.
  • Image Gilbert Rosales
    Gilbert Rosales
  • Image Gonzalo Menendez
    Gonzalo Menendez
  • Image Henry Pinpin
    Henry Pinpin
  • Image Jason Cottle
    Jason Cottle
  • Image Jeffrey Barnachea
    Jeffrey Barnachea
  • Image Jesse Cotton
    Jesse Cotton
  • Image Jeymi Ramos
    Jeymi Ramos
  • Image Jimmy Chhiu
    Jimmy Chhiu
  • Image Juan Diaz
    Juan Diaz
  • Image Kenny Calderon
    Kenny Calderon
  • Image Keo Woolford
    Keo Woolford
  • Image Lydia Lane
    Lydia Lane
  • Image Marc Margulies
    Marc Margulies
  • Image Maria Juani
    Maria Juani
  • Image Mario Perez
    Mario Perez
  • Image Marissa Labog
    Marissa Labog
  • Image Nestor Serrano
    Nestor Serrano
  • Image Nick Gomez
    Nick Gomez
  • Image Nicko Sabado
    Nicko Sabado
  • Image Pedro Sergio Escobedo
    Pedro Sergio Escobedo
  • Image Philip Un
    Philip Un
  • Image Raul Canizales II
    Raul Canizales II
  • Image Reginald Long
    Reginald Long
  • Image Roselyn Sánchez
    Roselyn Sánchez
  • Image Sam Cespedes
    Sam Cespedes
  • Image Sarifa Salanga
    Sarifa Salanga
  • Image Sebastian Rey
    Sebastian Rey
  • Image Sonny Sison
    Sonny Sison
  • Image Thomas Rosales, Jr.
    Thomas Rosales, Jr.
  • Image Victor Palacios
    Victor Palacios
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