All of Us

1h 52m

The story of a self-help group of 4 people with a terminal illness, led by a therapist without experience.


  • Image Anne-Laure Vandeputte
    Anne-Laure Vandeputte
  • Image Barbara Sarafian
    Barbara Sarafian
  • Image Bruno Vanden Broecke
    Bruno Vanden Broecke
  • Image Delfine Bafort
    Delfine Bafort
  • Image Dominique Van Malder
    Dominique Van Malder
  • Image Ella Leyers
    Ella Leyers
  • Image Ellis De Beule
    Ellis De Beule
  • Image Gilles De Schryver
    Gilles De Schryver
  • Image Jan Hammenecker
    Jan Hammenecker
  • Image Janelle Vanes
    Janelle Vanes
  • Image Janne Desmet
    Janne Desmet
  • Image Joke Devynck
    Joke Devynck
  • Image Kris Cuppens
    Kris Cuppens
  • Image Maaike Neuville
    Maaike Neuville
  • Image Ona-Lisa Van Haver
    Ona-Lisa Van Haver
  • Image Tom Vermeir
    Tom Vermeir
  • Image Wim Opbrouck
    Wim Opbrouck
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