All the Money in the World

2h 12m

The story of the kidnapping of 16-year-old John Paul Getty III and the desperate attempt by his devoted mother to convince his billionaire grandfather Jean Paul Getty to pay the ransom.


  • Image Adele Tirante
    Adele Tirante
  • Image Alessandra Roca
    Alessandra Roca
  • Image Andrea Piedimonte
    Andrea Piedimonte
  • Image Andrew Buchan
    Andrew Buchan
  • Image Anna Devlin
    Anna Devlin
  • Image Charlie Plummer
    Charlie Plummer
  • Image Charlie Shotwell
    Charlie Shotwell
  • Image Charlotte Beckett
    Charlotte Beckett
  • Image Cherise Silvestri
    Cherise Silvestri
  • Image Christopher Plummer
    Christopher Plummer
  • Image Clive Wood
    Clive Wood
  • Image Francesca Inaudi
    Francesca Inaudi
  • Image Francesco Bomenuto
    Francesco Bomenuto
  • Image Ghassan Massoud
    Ghassan Massoud
  • Image Ginevra Migliore
    Ginevra Migliore
  • Image Giulio Base
    Giulio Base
  • Image Giuseppe Bonifati
    Giuseppe Bonifati
  • Image Guglielmo Favilla
    Guglielmo Favilla
  • Image Jonathan Aris
    Jonathan Aris
  • Image Josie Sayers
    Josie Sayers
  • Image Kit Cranston
    Kit Cranston
  • Image Marco Leonardi
    Marco Leonardi
  • Image Mark Wahlberg
    Mark Wahlberg
  • Image Maya Kelly
    Maya Kelly
  • Image Michelle Williams
    Michelle Williams
  • Image Nicola Di Chio
    Nicola Di Chio
  • Image Nicolas Vaporidis
    Nicolas Vaporidis
  • Image Oliver Ryan
    Oliver Ryan
  • Image Olivia Grant
    Olivia Grant
  • Image Romain Duris
    Romain Duris
  • Image Roy McCrerey
    Roy McCrerey
  • Image Stacy Martin
    Stacy Martin
  • Image Stanley Treshansky
    Stanley Treshansky
  • Image Timothy Hutton
    Timothy Hutton
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