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Image Alma de Hierro

Alma de Hierro


Alma de Hierro is a 2008–2009 Mexican telenovela produced by Televisa. It is a remake of the Argentinian soap opera Son de Fierro, with the character's names rewritten and adapted to the Mexican audience. The main actors were Blanca Guerra, Alejandro Camacho, Christian Vega, Flavio Medina, Lisardo and Alejandra Barros, with Jorge Poza, Zuria Vega, Adamari López, Angelique Boyer, Eddy Vilard, Martha Julia and Luz María Aguilar playing supporting roles. The show earned 8 awards at the "TV y Novelas" award celebration, becoming the highest-awarded production of the 2009 season.

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  • Image Adamari López
    Adamari López
  • Image Adrián Uribe
    Adrián Uribe
  • Image Alberto Estrella
    Alberto Estrella
  • Image Alejandra Barros
    Alejandra Barros
  • Image Alejandro Camacho
    Alejandro Camacho
  • Image Angelique Boyer
    Angelique Boyer
  • Image Blanca Guerra
    Blanca Guerra
  • Image Eddy Vilard
    Eddy Vilard
  • Image Gabriela Carrillo
    Gabriela Carrillo
  • Image Jorge Poza
    Jorge Poza
  • Image Juan Carlos Colombo
    Juan Carlos Colombo
  • Image Lisardo Guarinos
    Lisardo Guarinos
  • Image Luz María Aguilar
    Luz María Aguilar
  • Image María Fernanda Malo
    María Fernanda Malo
  • Image Martha Julia
    Martha Julia
  • Image Rafael Inclán
    Rafael Inclán
  • Image Tiaré Scanda
    Tiaré Scanda
  • Image Zuria Vega
    Zuria Vega
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