Amare Amaro

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  • Amare Amaro
  • 19-02-2020
  • Drama
  • Julien Paolini
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Gaetano decided that he would bury his deceased brother with his family at all costs, even if it meant defying the laws of his Sicilian village and putting himself and his family in danger.


  • Image Adriana Tuzzeo
    Adriana Tuzzeo
  • Image Celeste Casciaro
    Celeste Casciaro
  • Image Ciro Petrone
    Ciro Petrone
  • Image Daniela Lo Nardo
    Daniela Lo Nardo
  • Image Desire Lo Nardo
    Desire Lo Nardo
  • Image Dino Favuzza
    Dino Favuzza
  • Image Fosco Perinti
    Fosco Perinti
  • Image Francesco Caltabiano
    Francesco Caltabiano
  • Image Francesco Russo
    Francesco Russo
  • Image Gabriele Arena
    Gabriele Arena
  • Image Giovanni Zingale
    Giovanni Zingale
  • Image Giuditta Perriera
    Giuditta Perriera
  • Image Giuseppe Lo Nardo
    Giuseppe Lo Nardo
  • Image Lorenzo Randazzo
    Lorenzo Randazzo
  • Image Nunzia Lo Presti
    Nunzia Lo Presti
  • Image Paolo Brancati
    Paolo Brancati
  • Image Rosario Lo Nardo
    Rosario Lo Nardo
  • Image Salvo Lo Nardo
    Salvo Lo Nardo
  • Image Tony Sperandeo
    Tony Sperandeo
  • Image Virginia Perroni
    Virginia Perroni
  • Image Vito Crimi
    Vito Crimi
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