An Education

1h 40m

Despite her sheltered upbringing, Jenny is a teen with a bright future; she's smart, pretty, and has aspirations of attending Oxford University. When David, a charming but much older suitor, motors into her life in a shiny automobile, Jenny gets a taste of adult life that she won't soon forget.


  • Image Alfred Molina
    Alfred Molina
  • Image Amanda Fairbank-Hynes
    Amanda Fairbank-Hynes
  • Image Arne Somogyi
    Arne Somogyi
  • Image Ashley Taylor-Rhys
    Ashley Taylor-Rhys
  • Image Bel Parker
    Bel Parker
  • Image Ben Castle
    Ben Castle
  • Image Beth Rowley
    Beth Rowley
  • Image Bryony Wadsworth
    Bryony Wadsworth
  • Image Cara Seymour
    Cara Seymour
  • Image Carey Mulligan
    Carey Mulligan
  • Image Connor Catchpole
    Connor Catchpole
  • Image Dominic Cooper
    Dominic Cooper
  • Image Ellie Kendrick
    Ellie Kendrick
  • Image Emma Thompson
    Emma Thompson
  • Image James Norton
    James Norton
  • Image Kate DuchĂȘne
    Kate DuchĂȘne
  • Image Luis Soto
    Luis Soto
  • Image Mark Edwards
    Mark Edwards
  • Image Matthew Beard
    Matthew Beard
  • Image Nick Sampson
    Nick Sampson
  • Image Olenka Wrzesniewski
    Olenka Wrzesniewski
  • Image Olivia Williams
    Olivia Williams
  • Image Paul Pilot
    Paul Pilot
  • Image Peter Sarsgaard
    Peter Sarsgaard
  • Image Phil Wilkinson
    Phil Wilkinson
  • Image Rosamund Pike
    Rosamund Pike
  • Image Sally Hawkins
    Sally Hawkins
  • Image Tom Rees-Roberts
    Tom Rees-Roberts
  • Image William Melling
    William Melling
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