Anacondas: Trail of Blood

1h 29m

A genetically created Anaconda, cut in half, regenerates itself into two aggressive giant snakes, due to the Blood Orchid.


  • Image Alexandru Potocean
    Alexandru Potocean
  • Image Ana Ularu
    Ana Ularu
  • Image Anca-Ioana Androne
    Anca-Ioana Androne
  • Image Calin Stanciu
    Calin Stanciu
  • Image Claudiu Bleonţ
    Claudiu Bleonţ
  • Image Crystal Allen
    Crystal Allen
  • Image Dan Bădărău
    Dan Bădărău
  • Image Danny Midwinter
    Danny Midwinter
  • Image David Frye
    David Frye
  • Image Elias Ferkin
    Elias Ferkin
  • Image Emil Hostina
    Emil Hostina
  • Image John Rhys-Davies
    John Rhys-Davies
  • Image Linden Ashby
    Linden Ashby
  • Image Marcel Cobzariu
    Marcel Cobzariu
  • Image Razvan Gheorghiu
    Razvan Gheorghiu
  • Image Vasile Albineț
    Vasile Albineț
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