Angels with Dirty Faces

1h 37m

In New York, the boys Rocky Sullivan and Jerry Connelly are best friends and small time thieves. After a robbery, Rocky is arrested and sent to a reformatory school, where he begins his criminal career. Jerry escapes and later becomes a priest. After three years in prison, Rocky is released and demands the return of $100,000 deposited with his solicitor - prior to his jail term.


  • Image Adrian Morris
    Adrian Morris
  • Image Ann Sheridan
    Ann Sheridan
  • Image Bernard Punsly
    Bernard Punsly
  • Image Billy Halop
    Billy Halop
  • Image Bobby Jordan
    Bobby Jordan
  • Image Edward Pawley
    Edward Pawley
  • Image Frankie Burke
    Frankie Burke
  • Image Gabriel Dell
    Gabriel Dell
  • Image George Bancroft
    George Bancroft
  • Image Humphrey Bogart
    Humphrey Bogart
  • Image Huntz Hall
    Huntz Hall
  • Image James Cagney
    James Cagney
  • Image Joe Downing
    Joe Downing
  • Image Leo Gorcey
    Leo Gorcey
  • Image Marilyn Knowlden
    Marilyn Knowlden
  • Image Pat O'Brien
    Pat O'Brien
  • Image Poppy Wilde
    Poppy Wilde
  • Image William Tracy
    William Tracy
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