Apt Pupil

1h 47m

One day in 1984, Todd Bowden, a brilliant high school boy fascinated by the history of Nazism, stumbles across an old man whose appearance resembles that of Kurt Dussander, a wanted Nazi war criminal. A month later, Todd decides to knock on his door.


  • Image Ann Dowd
    Ann Dowd
  • Image Anthony Moore
    Anthony Moore
  • Image Blake Anthony Tibbetts
    Blake Anthony Tibbetts
  • Image Brad Renfro
    Brad Renfro
  • Image Bruce Davison
    Bruce Davison
  • Image Danna Dennis
    Danna Dennis
  • Image David Cooley
    David Cooley
  • Image David Schwimmer
    David Schwimmer
  • Image Donna Marie Brown
    Donna Marie Brown
  • Image Elias Koteas
    Elias Koteas
  • Image Grace Sinden
    Grace Sinden
  • Image Heather McComb
    Heather McComb
  • Image Ian McKellen
    Ian McKellen
  • Image James Karen
    James Karen
  • Image Jan Tříska
    Jan Tříska
  • Image Jill Harris
    Jill Harris
  • Image Joe Morton
    Joe Morton
  • Image Joshua Jackson
    Joshua Jackson
  • Image Katherine Malone
    Katherine Malone
  • Image Kevin Spirtas
    Kevin Spirtas
  • Image Marjorie Lovett
    Marjorie Lovett
  • Image Mark Flythe
    Mark Flythe
  • Image Mary Ottman
    Mary Ottman
  • Image Michael Artura
    Michael Artura
  • Image Michael Byrne
    Michael Byrne
  • Image Michael Reid MacKay
    Michael Reid MacKay
  • Image Mickey Cottrell
    Mickey Cottrell
  • Image Mildred Singer
    Mildred Singer
  • Image Norbert D. Singer
    Norbert D. Singer
  • Image Warren Wilson
    Warren Wilson
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