Around the World in Eighty Days

2h 55m

Based on the famous book by Jules Verne the movie follows Phileas Fogg on his journey around the world. Which has to be completed within 80 days, a very short period for those days.


  • Image A.E. Matthews
    A.E. Matthews
  • Image Abdullah Abbas
    Abdullah Abbas
  • Image Adolph Faylauer
    Adolph Faylauer
  • Image Al Bain
    Al Bain
  • Image Al Haskell
    Al Haskell
  • Image Al Kikume
    Al Kikume
  • Image Alan Mowbray
    Alan Mowbray
  • Image Albert Cavens
    Albert Cavens
  • Image Albert Godderis
    Albert Godderis
  • Image Alfredo Landa
    Alfredo Landa
  • Image Allen Jaffe
    Allen Jaffe
  • Image Alphonso DuBois
    Alphonso DuBois
  • Image Andy Devine
    Andy Devine
  • Image Ann Kunde
    Ann Kunde
  • Image Anna De Linsky
    Anna De Linsky
  • Image Art Felix
    Art Felix
  • Image Arthur Dulac
    Arthur Dulac
  • Image Arthur Gould-Porter
    Arthur Gould-Porter
  • Image Arthur Tovey
    Arthur Tovey
  • Image Ashley Cowan
    Ashley Cowan
  • Image Audrey Betz
    Audrey Betz
  • Image Baron James Lichter
    Baron James Lichter
  • Image Barry Norton
    Barry Norton
  • Image Basil Sydney
    Basil Sydney
  • Image Beatrice Lillie
    Beatrice Lillie
  • Image Ben Frommer
    Ben Frommer
  • Image Bernard Sell
    Bernard Sell
  • Image Bernie Gozier
    Bernie Gozier
  • Image Bert Stevens
    Bert Stevens
  • Image Bess Flowers
    Bess Flowers
  • Image Bhogwan Singh
    Bhogwan Singh
  • Image Bill Couch
    Bill Couch
  • Image Bill Raisch
    Bill Raisch
  • Image Bill Shine
    Bill Shine
  • Image Bob Burrows
    Bob Burrows
  • Image Bob Evans
    Bob Evans
  • Image Bob Okazaki
    Bob Okazaki
  • Image Bob Reeves
    Bob Reeves
  • Image Bob Whitney
    Bob Whitney
  • Image Boyd 'Red' Morgan
    Boyd 'Red' Morgan
  • Image Brandon Beach
    Brandon Beach
  • Image Bud Cokes
    Bud Cokes
  • Image Buddy Roosevelt
    Buddy Roosevelt
  • Image Buster Keaton
    Buster Keaton
  • Image Byron Poindexter
    Byron Poindexter
  • Image Cameron Hall
    Cameron Hall
  • Image Campbell Cotts
    Campbell Cotts
  • Image Cantinflas
  • Image Cap Somers
    Cap Somers
  • Image Carl M. Leviness
    Carl M. Leviness
  • Image Carli Elinor
    Carli Elinor
  • Image Carmelita González
    Carmelita González
  • Image Carol White
    Carol White
  • Image Casey MacGregor
    Casey MacGregor
  • Image Cecil Combs
    Cecil Combs
  • Image Cedric Hardwicke
    Cedric Hardwicke
  • Image Cesar Romero
    Cesar Romero
  • Image Chan Sing
    Chan Sing
  • Image Charles Boyer
    Charles Boyer
  • Image Charles Coburn
    Charles Coburn
  • Image Charles Dunbar
    Charles Dunbar
  • Image Charles Horvath
    Charles Horvath
  • Image Charles Morton
    Charles Morton
  • Image Charles Pendelton
    Charles Pendelton
  • Image Charles Schaeffer
    Charles Schaeffer
  • Image Charles Soldani
    Charles Soldani
  • Image Chet Brandenburg
    Chet Brandenburg
  • Image Chick Hannan
    Chick Hannan
  • Image Chuck Hamilton
    Chuck Hamilton
  • Image Chuck Hicks
    Chuck Hicks
  • Image Clarence Hennecke
    Clarence Hennecke
  • Image Clive Morgan
    Clive Morgan
  • Image Cosmo Sardo
    Cosmo Sardo
  • Image Curt Furburg
    Curt Furburg
  • Image Dan Dowling
    Dan Dowling
  • Image Daniel Nunez
    Daniel Nunez
  • Image Danny Borzage
    Danny Borzage
  • Image Danny Sands
    Danny Sands
  • Image David Niven
    David Niven
  • Image David Richardson
    David Richardson
  • Image Dick Cherney
    Dick Cherney
  • Image Dick Gordon
    Dick Gordon
  • Image Dick Johnstone
    Dick Johnstone
  • Image Dick Ryan
    Dick Ryan
  • Image Dick Wessel
    Dick Wessel
  • Image Dolly Jarvis
    Dolly Jarvis
  • Image Don Pulford
    Don Pulford
  • Image Donald Gray
    Donald Gray
  • Image Duke Fishman
    Duke Fishman
  • Image Eddie Das
    Eddie Das
  • Image Eddie Searles
    Eddie Searles
  • Image Edmund Lowe
    Edmund Lowe
  • Image Edward R. Murrow
    Edward R. Murrow
  • Image Edwin Rochelle
    Edwin Rochelle
  • Image Elsa Peterson
    Elsa Peterson
  • Image Ernesto Molinari
    Ernesto Molinari
  • Image Eugene Beday
    Eugene Beday
  • Image Eumenio Blanco
    Eumenio Blanco
  • Image Evelyn Keyes
    Evelyn Keyes
  • Image Fateh Lohani
    Fateh Lohani
  • Image Faye Michael Nuell
    Faye Michael Nuell
  • Image Felix Felton
    Felix Felton
  • Image Fernandel
  • Image Finlay Currie
    Finlay Currie
  • Image Frances Fong
    Frances Fong
  • Image Frank Baker
    Frank Baker
  • Image Frank Erickson
    Frank Erickson
  • Image Frank McLure
    Frank McLure
  • Image Frank Mills
    Frank Mills
  • Image Frank Nagai
    Frank Nagai
  • Image Frank Royde
    Frank Royde
  • Image Frank Sinatra
    Frank Sinatra
  • Image Franklyn Farnum
    Franklyn Farnum
  • Image Fred Aldrich
    Fred Aldrich
  • Image Fred Cavens
    Fred Cavens
  • Image Fred Rapport
    Fred Rapport
  • Image Fred Scheiwiller
    Fred Scheiwiller
  • Image Frederick Leister
    Frederick Leister
  • Image George Blagoi
    George Blagoi
  • Image George Bruggeman
    George Bruggeman
  • Image George Hickman
    George Hickman
  • Image George Nardelli
    George Nardelli
  • Image George Raft
    George Raft
  • Image George Ross
    George Ross
  • Image Gertrude Astor
    Gertrude Astor
  • Image Gilbert Roland
    Gilbert Roland
  • Image Gloria Dea
    Gloria Dea
  • Image Glynis Johns
    Glynis Johns
  • Image Gordon Carveth
    Gordon Carveth
  • Image Gordon Mitchell
    Gordon Mitchell
  • Image Grace Field
    Grace Field
  • Image Hans Hopf
    Hans Hopf
  • Image Harcourt Williams
    Harcourt Williams
  • Image Harold Miller
    Harold Miller
  • Image Harry Denny
    Harry Denny
  • Image Harry Duff
    Harry Duff
  • Image Harry Evans
    Harry Evans
  • Image Harry Leroy
    Harry Leroy
  • Image Harvey Karels
    Harvey Karels
  • Image Hayward Soo Hoo
    Hayward Soo Hoo
  • Image Hazel Boyne
    Hazel Boyne
  • Image Helen Foster
    Helen Foster
  • Image Helena Benda
    Helena Benda
  • Image Herman Hack
    Herman Hack
  • Image Hermione Gingold
    Hermione Gingold
  • Image Herschel Graham
    Herschel Graham
  • Image J. Lewis Smith
    J. Lewis Smith
  • Image Jack Chefe
    Jack Chefe
  • Image Jack Davies
    Jack Davies
  • Image Jack Davis
    Jack Davis
  • Image Jack Ellis
    Jack Ellis
  • Image Jack Kenny
    Jack Kenny
  • Image Jack Lee
    Jack Lee
  • Image Jack Mulhall
    Jack Mulhall
  • Image Jack Oakie
    Jack Oakie
  • Image Jack Perrin
    Jack Perrin
  • Image Jack Stoney
    Jack Stoney
  • Image Jack Tornek
    Jack Tornek
  • Image James Dime
    James Dime
  • Image James Gonzalez
    James Gonzalez
  • Image Jeanne Lafayette
    Jeanne Lafayette
  • Image Jeffrey Sayre
    Jeffrey Sayre
  • Image Jesse Adams
    Jesse Adams
  • Image Jesús Franco
    Jesús Franco
  • Image Jimmie Horan
    Jimmie Horan
  • Image Joan Lora
    Joan Lora
  • Image Joanna Marie Jones
    Joanna Marie Jones
  • Image Joe Dougherty
    Joe Dougherty
  • Image Joe E. Brown
    Joe E. Brown
  • Image Joe E. Ross
    Joe E. Ross
  • Image Joe Garcio
    Joe Garcio
  • Image Joe Gilbert
    Joe Gilbert
  • Image Joe Molina
    Joe Molina
  • Image Joe Ploski
    Joe Ploski
  • Image John Benson
    John Benson
  • Image John Carradine
    John Carradine
  • Image John Davidson
    John Davidson
  • Image John Deauville
    John Deauville
  • Image John George
    John George
  • Image John Gielgud
    John Gielgud
  • Image John Mills
    John Mills
  • Image John Roy
    John Roy
  • Image John Starck
    John Starck
  • Image Johnny Marlin
    Johnny Marlin
  • Image José Greco
    José Greco
  • Image Joseph Marievsky
    Joseph Marievsky
  • Image June Glory
    June Glory
  • Image June Smaney
    June Smaney
  • Image Kalu K. Sonkur
    Kalu K. Sonkur
  • Image Kent Odell
    Kent Odell
  • Image Keye Luke
    Keye Luke
  • Image King Mojave
    King Mojave
  • Image Kit Guard
    Kit Guard
  • Image Larry Duran
    Larry Duran
  • Image Lars Hensen
    Lars Hensen
  • Image Leah Baird
    Leah Baird
  • Image Leroy Johnson
    Leroy Johnson
  • Image Leslie Denison
    Leslie Denison
  • Image Leslie Sketchley
    Leslie Sketchley
  • Image Lillian O'Malley
    Lillian O'Malley
  • Image Lillian Ten Eyck
    Lillian Ten Eyck
  • Image Louise Colombet
    Louise Colombet
  • Image Loulette Sablon
    Loulette Sablon
  • Image Lucille Porcett
    Lucille Porcett
  • Image Luis Miguel Dominguín
    Luis Miguel Dominguín
  • Image Mabel Smaney
    Mabel Smaney
  • Image Manuel Lopez
    Manuel Lopez
  • Image Manuel París
    Manuel París
  • Image Marco López
    Marco López
  • Image Marie Melesh
    Marie Melesh
  • Image Marion Ross
    Marion Ross
  • Image Marlene Dietrich
    Marlene Dietrich
  • Image Martin Cichy
    Martin Cichy
  • Image Martine Carol
    Martine Carol
  • Image Mary Ellen Gleason
    Mary Ellen Gleason
  • Image Mary Young
    Mary Young
  • Image Max Kleven
    Max Kleven
  • Image Max Reid
    Max Reid
  • Image Melville Cooper
    Melville Cooper
  • Image Michael Jeffers
    Michael Jeffers
  • Image Michael Trubshawe
    Michael Trubshawe
  • Image Mike Mazurki
    Mike Mazurki
  • Image Mike Tellegen
    Mike Tellegen
  • Image Minta Durfee
    Minta Durfee
  • Image Monty O'Grady
    Monty O'Grady
  • Image Nina Borget
    Nina Borget
  • Image Noble Chissell
    Noble Chissell
  • Image Noël Coward
    Noël Coward
  • Image Norman Macowan
    Norman Macowan
  • Image Norman Stevans
    Norman Stevans
  • Image Otto Forrest
    Otto Forrest
  • Image Patrick Cargill
    Patrick Cargill
  • Image Paul Busch
    Paul Busch
  • Image Paul Cristo
    Paul Cristo
  • Image Paul Gustine
    Paul Gustine
  • Image Paul Kruger
    Paul Kruger
  • Image Peggy Remington
    Peggy Remington
  • Image Peter Lorre
    Peter Lorre
  • Image Phil Schumacher
    Phil Schumacher
  • Image Philip Ahn
    Philip Ahn
  • Image Philip Van Zandt
    Philip Van Zandt
  • Image Ralph Moratz
    Ralph Moratz
  • Image Rama Bai
    Rama Bai
  • Image Ramón Sánchez
    Ramón Sánchez
  • Image Raoul Freeman
    Raoul Freeman
  • Image Ray Armstrong
    Ray Armstrong
  • Image Ray Spiker
    Ray Spiker
  • Image Red Skelton
    Red Skelton
  • Image Reginald Denny
    Reginald Denny
  • Image Renald Dupont
    Renald Dupont
  • Image Richard Aherne
    Richard Aherne
  • Image Richard Elmore
    Richard Elmore
  • Image Richard LaMarr
    Richard LaMarr
  • Image Richard Loo
    Richard Loo
  • Image Robert Cabal
    Robert Cabal
  • Image Robert Haines
    Robert Haines
  • Image Robert James
    Robert James
  • Image Robert Morley
    Robert Morley
  • Image Robert Newton
    Robert Newton
  • Image Robert Robinson
    Robert Robinson
  • Image Robert St. Angelo
    Robert St. Angelo
  • Image Roddy Hughes
    Roddy Hughes
  • Image Ronald Adam
    Ronald Adam
  • Image Ronald Colman
    Ronald Colman
  • Image Ronald Squire
    Ronald Squire
  • Image Roy Damron
    Roy Damron
  • Image Roy Darmour
    Roy Darmour
  • Image Rudy Germane
    Rudy Germane
  • Image Russell Meeker
    Russell Meeker
  • Image Sailor Vincent
    Sailor Vincent
  • Image Sally Yarnell
    Sally Yarnell
  • Image Sam Finn
    Sam Finn
  • Image Sam Harris
    Sam Harris
  • Image Sam Savitsky
    Sam Savitsky
  • Image Sammy Shack
    Sammy Shack
  • Image Satini Pualoa
    Satini Pualoa
  • Image Scott Seaton
    Scott Seaton
  • Image Shep Houghton
    Shep Houghton
  • Image Shirley Lew
    Shirley Lew
  • Image Shirley MacLaine
    Shirley MacLaine
  • Image Silver Harr
    Silver Harr
  • Image Sol Murgi
    Sol Murgi
  • Image Spencer Chan
    Spencer Chan
  • Image Stephen Soldi
    Stephen Soldi
  • Image Stuart Hall
    Stuart Hall
  • Image Stuart Holmes
    Stuart Holmes
  • Image Suzanne Ridgeway
    Suzanne Ridgeway
  • Image Tex Holden
    Tex Holden
  • Image Thomas Martin
    Thomas Martin
  • Image Tien-Lang Li
    Tien-Lang Li
  • Image Tim McCoy
    Tim McCoy
  • Image Tom Allen
    Tom Allen
  • Image Tony Roux
    Tony Roux
  • Image Tony Urchel
    Tony Urchel
  • Image Trevor Howard
    Trevor Howard
  • Image Victor McLaglen
    Victor McLaglen
  • Image Victor Paul
    Victor Paul
  • Image Virginia Ann Lee
    Virginia Ann Lee
  • Image Waclaw Rekwart
    Waclaw Rekwart
  • Image Walter Bacon
    Walter Bacon
  • Image Walter Fitzgerald
    Walter Fitzgerald
  • Image Walter Kingsford
    Walter Kingsford
  • Image Walter Soo Hoo
    Walter Soo Hoo
  • Image Weaver Levy
    Weaver Levy
  • Image William Graeff Jr.
    William Graeff Jr.
  • Image William H. O'Brien
    William H. O'Brien
  • Image William Meader
    William Meader
  • Image William Yokota
    William Yokota
  • Image Willie Keeler
    Willie Keeler
  • Image Winona Smith
    Winona Smith
  • Image Yasuzô Ogawa
    Yasuzô Ogawa
  • Image Yoneo Iguchi
    Yoneo Iguchi
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