2h 8m

A group of unlikely heroes from across the Korean peninsula try to save the day after a volcano erupts on the mythical and majestic Baekdu Mountain.


  • Image Bae Suzy
    Bae Suzy
  • Image Choi Gwang-il
    Choi Gwang-il
  • Image Christopher Gordon
    Christopher Gordon
  • Image Daniel Joey Albright
    Daniel Joey Albright
  • Image Ha Jung-woo
    Ha Jung-woo
  • Image Han Su-hyeon
    Han Su-hyeon
  • Image Jai Day
    Jai Day
  • Image Jeon Do-yeon
    Jeon Do-yeon
  • Image Jeon Hye-jin
    Jeon Hye-jin
  • Image Jo Han-chul
    Jo Han-chul
  • Image Jung Yun-ha
    Jung Yun-ha
  • Image Kang Shin-chul
    Kang Shin-chul
  • Image Kevin Dockry
    Kevin Dockry
  • Image Kim Min-sik
    Kim Min-sik
  • Image Kim Si-a
    Kim Si-a
  • Image Kim Yeon-gyo
    Kim Yeon-gyo
  • Image Lee Byung-hun
    Lee Byung-hun
  • Image Lee Kyung-young
    Lee Kyung-young
  • Image Lee Sang-won
    Lee Sang-won
  • Image Lim Hyung-kook
    Lim Hyung-kook
  • Image Ma Dong-seok
    Ma Dong-seok
  • Image Maurice Turner Jr.
    Maurice Turner Jr.
  • Image Ok Ja-Yeon
    Ok Ja-Yeon
  • Image Stefan van der Ree
    Stefan van der Ree
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