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Image Assault Lily: BOUQUET

Assault Lily: BOUQUET


On Earth in the near future, humanity faced imminent destruction from mysterious giant creatures known as "Huge." The entire world unites against the Huge, and successfully develops weaponry known as "CHARM" (Counter Huge Arms) by combining science and magic. CHARM exhibits high rates of synchronization with teenaged girls, and the girls who use CHARM are viewed as heroes called "Lilies." Throughout the world, "Garden" military academies are established to train Lilies to face the Huge and to serve as bases to protect and guide people. Riri Hitotsuyanagi managed to pass the exam to enter the prestigious Garden known as Yurigaoka Girls' School. She entered in an attempt to find Yuyu Shirai, a girl who rescued her in her past. This is a story about Riri and other girls who aim to become Lilies at one such Garden.

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  • Image Akao Hikaru
    Akao Hikaru
  • Image Haruki Iwata
    Haruki Iwata
  • Image Hikaru Tohno
    Hikaru Tohno
  • Image Juri Nagatsuma
    Juri Nagatsuma
  • Image Karin Takahashi
    Karin Takahashi
  • Image Mikako Izawa
    Mikako Izawa
  • Image Minami Tsuda
    Minami Tsuda
  • Image Rie Takahashi
    Rie Takahashi
  • Image Rika Tachibana
    Rika Tachibana
  • Image Rimi Nishimoto
    Rimi Nishimoto
  • Image Risa Tsumugi
    Risa Tsumugi
  • Image Sana Hoshimori
    Sana Hoshimori
  • Image Sayaka Harada
    Sayaka Harada
  • Image Yūko Natsuyoshi
    Yūko Natsuyoshi
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