1h 30m

Fragments of a meteor crash in Mexico and United States. Thirteen stories in different spaces and times happen in places of collisions .


  • Image Anselmo Cazañas
    Anselmo Cazañas
  • Image Carmen Cervantes
    Carmen Cervantes
  • Image Diego Ávila Mora
    Diego Ávila Mora
  • Image Eduardo Longoria
    Eduardo Longoria
  • Image Eduardo Tanús
    Eduardo Tanús
  • Image Elpidia Carrillo
    Elpidia Carrillo
  • Image Fernando Becerril
    Fernando Becerril
  • Image Gustavo Sánchez Parra
    Gustavo Sánchez Parra
  • Image Ignacio Guadalupe
    Ignacio Guadalupe
  • Image Israel Islas
    Israel Islas
  • Image Jose Antonio Becerra Badillo
    Jose Antonio Becerra Badillo
  • Image José Manuel Poncelis
    José Manuel Poncelis
  • Image Leo Carrizao
    Leo Carrizao
  • Image Luis Fernando Schivy
    Luis Fernando Schivy
  • Image Luis Javier
    Luis Javier
  • Image Michelle Betancourt
    Michelle Betancourt
  • Image Mike Kovac
    Mike Kovac
  • Image Naian González Norvind
    Naian González Norvind
  • Image Nathan Dashwood
    Nathan Dashwood
  • Image Nisreen Slim
    Nisreen Slim
  • Image Paco Carrizao
    Paco Carrizao
  • Image Paul Act
    Paul Act
  • Image Ramón Medína
    Ramón Medína
  • Image Sergio Rued
    Sergio Rued
  • Image Sofía Espinosa
    Sofía Espinosa
  • Image Victor Cruz Ortega
    Victor Cruz Ortega
  • Image Ximena Romo
    Ximena Romo
  • Image Yam Acevedo
    Yam Acevedo
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