Based on a True Story

1h 37m

Delphine is the author of an autobiographical novel that has become a bestseller. Exhausted by the promotional tour, just when she feels out of place, paralyzed by the idea of having to start writing again, she meets Elle, a young, attractive, intelligent, intuitive woman who seems to understand her better than anyone.


  • Image Anouchka Csernakova
    Anouchka Csernakova
  • Image Brigitte Roüan
    Brigitte Roüan
  • Image Camille Chamoux
    Camille Chamoux
  • Image Charlotte Mangel
    Charlotte Mangel
  • Image Damien Bonnard
    Damien Bonnard
  • Image Dominique Pinon
    Dominique Pinon
  • Image Édith Le Merdy
    Édith Le Merdy
  • Image Elisabeth Quin
    Elisabeth Quin
  • Image Emmanuelle Seigner
    Emmanuelle Seigner
  • Image Eva Green
    Eva Green
  • Image Jean Frischmann
    Jean Frischmann
  • Image Josée Dayan
    Josée Dayan
  • Image Leonello Brandolini
    Leonello Brandolini
  • Image Mélanie Bourgeois
    Mélanie Bourgeois
  • Image Noémie Lvovsky
    Noémie Lvovsky
  • Image Saadia Bentaïeb
    Saadia Bentaïeb
  • Image Stanislas Moreau
    Stanislas Moreau
  • Image Valérie de Monza
    Valérie de Monza
  • Image Véronique Vasseur
    Véronique Vasseur
  • Image Vincent Pérez
    Vincent Pérez
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