Image Battle of the Seven Sisters

Battle of the Seven Sisters


Barrister Koo Ling-shan is a successful career woman, but she just cannot find the right guy. She does not get along with her younger sister Ching-tung, who is a chauffeur by profession. Co-working space manager Yu-yin hits rock bottom as she is devastated by her husband’s death. Due to some inheritance issues, the trio have coincidentally taken on different tasks. They bump into Sheung-yi, who nearly causes some disaster because of her dual personality, in the process. Kwan-yuet is cynical and full of negative energy. Fong Chor-yu is inexperienced, but she is passionate about fencing. Their ultimate mission is to find the seventh princess. And they also have to discover their self worth so as to overcome regrets in their family relationships.

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  • Image Jeannie Chan
    Jeannie Chan
  • Image Judy Kwong
    Judy Kwong
  • Image Kaman Kong
    Kaman Kong
  • Image Priscilla Wong
    Priscilla Wong
  • Image Rosina Lin
    Rosina Lin
  • Image Samantha Ko
    Samantha Ko
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