Battlestar Galactica: Razor

1h 28m

A two-hour Battlestar Galactica special that tells the story of the Battlestar Pegasus several months prior to it finding the Galactica.


  • Image Aaron Douglas
    Aaron Douglas
  • Image Alessandro Juliani
    Alessandro Juliani
  • Image Edward James Olmos
    Edward James Olmos
  • Image Grace Park
    Grace Park
  • Image Graham Beckel
    Graham Beckel
  • Image James Callis
    James Callis
  • Image Jamie Bamber
    Jamie Bamber
  • Image Kandyse McClure
    Kandyse McClure
  • Image Katee Sackhoff
    Katee Sackhoff
  • Image Mary McDonnell
    Mary McDonnell
  • Image Michael Hogan
    Michael Hogan
  • Image Michael Trucco
    Michael Trucco
  • Image Michelle Forbes
    Michelle Forbes
  • Image Stephanie Jacobsen
    Stephanie Jacobsen
  • Image Tahmoh Penikett
    Tahmoh Penikett
  • Image Tricia Helfer
    Tricia Helfer
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