2h 14m

Set in post-WWII Leningrad as two female soldiers return from war and attempt to rebuild their lives in the ravaged city.


  • Image Alisa Oleynik
    Alisa Oleynik
  • Image Alyona Kuchkova
    Alyona Kuchkova
  • Image Anastasiya Khmelinina
    Anastasiya Khmelinina
  • Image Andrey Bykov
    Andrey Bykov
  • Image Denis Kozinets
    Denis Kozinets
  • Image Dmitri Belkin
    Dmitri Belkin
  • Image Igor Shirokov
    Igor Shirokov
  • Image Konstantin Balakirev
    Konstantin Balakirev
  • Image Kseniya Kutepova
    Kseniya Kutepova
  • Image Lyudmila Motornaya
    Lyudmila Motornaya
  • Image Olga Dragunova
    Olga Dragunova
  • Image Timofey Glazkov
    Timofey Glazkov
  • Image Vasilisa Perelygina
    Vasilisa Perelygina
  • Image Veniamin Kac
    Veniamin Kac
  • Image Viktor Chuprov
    Viktor Chuprov
  • Image Viktoriya Miroshnichenko
    Viktoriya Miroshnichenko
  • Image Vladimir Verzhbitskiy
    Vladimir Verzhbitskiy
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