1h 50m

During a trip to Germany to scatter their grandfather's ashes, German-American brothers Todd and Jan discover Beerfest, the secret Olympics of downing stout, and want to enter the contest to defend their family's beer-guzzling honor. Their Old Country cousins sneer at the Yanks' chances, prompting the siblings to return to America to prepare for a showdown the following year.


  • Image Aaron Hendry
    Aaron Hendry
  • Image Allan Graf
    Allan Graf
  • Image Amber Hay
    Amber Hay
  • Image Bjorn Johnson
    Bjorn Johnson
  • Image Blanchard Ryan
    Blanchard Ryan
  • Image Cameron Scher
    Cameron Scher
  • Image Chris Moss
    Chris Moss
  • Image Cloris Leachman
    Cloris Leachman
  • Image Collin Thornton
    Collin Thornton
  • Image Donald Sutherland
    Donald Sutherland
  • Image Erik Stolhanske
    Erik Stolhanske
  • Image Ivan Brutsche
    Ivan Brutsche
  • Image James Roday
    James Roday
  • Image Jay Chandrasekhar
    Jay Chandrasekhar
  • Image Jessica Williams
    Jessica Williams
  • Image Jürgen Prochnow
    Jürgen Prochnow
  • Image Kevin Heffernan
    Kevin Heffernan
  • Image M.C. Gainey
    M.C. Gainey
  • Image Marya Beauvais
    Marya Beauvais
  • Image Nat Faxon
    Nat Faxon
  • Image Owain Yeoman
    Owain Yeoman
  • Image Pab Schwendimann
    Pab Schwendimann
  • Image Paul Soter
    Paul Soter
  • Image Philippe Brenninkmeyer
    Philippe Brenninkmeyer
  • Image Steve Lemme
    Steve Lemme
  • Image Steven Michael Quezada
    Steven Michael Quezada
  • Image Tom Tate
    Tom Tate
  • Image Will Forte
    Will Forte
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