Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

1h 49m

An all-female rock group finds fame, love, and drama when they move to LA in order to claim the lead singer’s inheritance.


  • Image Charles Napier
    Charles Napier
  • Image Coleman Francis
    Coleman Francis
  • Image Cynthia Myers
    Cynthia Myers
  • Image David Gurian
    David Gurian
  • Image Dolly Read
    Dolly Read
  • Image Duncan McLeod
    Duncan McLeod
  • Image Edy Williams
    Edy Williams
  • Image Erica Gavin
    Erica Gavin
  • Image Garth Pillsbury
    Garth Pillsbury
  • Image Gordon Wescourt
    Gordon Wescourt
  • Image Haji
  • Image Harrison Page
    Harrison Page
  • Image James Iglehart
    James Iglehart
  • Image John Lazar
    John Lazar
  • Image Karen Smith
    Karen Smith
  • Image Lavelle Roby
    Lavelle Roby
  • Image Marcia McBroom
    Marcia McBroom
  • Image Michael Blodgett
    Michael Blodgett
  • Image Pam Grier
    Pam Grier
  • Image Phyllis Davis
    Phyllis Davis
  • Image Princess Livingston
    Princess Livingston
  • Image Russ Meyer
    Russ Meyer
  • Image Sebastian Brook
    Sebastian Brook
  • Image Stan Ross
    Stan Ross
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