Bitch Slap

1h 49m

Three bad girls (a down-and-out stripper, a drug-running killer and a corporate powerbroker) arrive at a remote desert hideaway to extort and steal $200 million in diamonds from a ruthless underworld kingpin.


  • Image Aisha Cain
    Aisha Cain
  • Image America Olivo
    America Olivo
  • Image Astrid Swan
    Astrid Swan
  • Image Bianca Barnett
    Bianca Barnett
  • Image Brian Peck
    Brian Peck
  • Image Carla Collins
    Carla Collins
  • Image Carlo Mendez
    Carlo Mendez
  • Image Christine Nguyen
    Christine Nguyen
  • Image Danny Nero
    Danny Nero
  • Image Debbie Lee Carrington
    Debbie Lee Carrington
  • Image Dennis Keiffer
    Dennis Keiffer
  • Image Eric Gruendemann
    Eric Gruendemann
  • Image Erin Cummings
    Erin Cummings
  • Image Eurlyne Epper
    Eurlyne Epper
  • Image Jennifer Miller
    Jennifer Miller
  • Image Jim Klock
    Jim Klock
  • Image Julia Voth
    Julia Voth
  • Image Justin Kornmann
    Justin Kornmann
  • Image Karen Austin
    Karen Austin
  • Image Kevin Sorbo
    Kevin Sorbo
  • Image Krystal Badia
    Krystal Badia
  • Image Lucy Lawless
    Lucy Lawless
  • Image Mark Lutz
    Mark Lutz
  • Image Michael Hurst
    Michael Hurst
  • Image Minae Noji
    Minae Noji
  • Image Renee O'Connor
    Renee O'Connor
  • Image Rick Jacobson
    Rick Jacobson
  • Image Robert Mammana
    Robert Mammana
  • Image Ron Melendez
    Ron Melendez
  • Image Sabine Varnes
    Sabine Varnes
  • Image Scott Hanley
    Scott Hanley
  • Image William Gregory Lee
    William Gregory Lee
  • Image Zoë Bell
    Zoë Bell
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