Image Bitter Lands

Bitter Lands


The love story of Zuleyha, ​​who grew up without a father and works with Yilmaz as an auxiliary weaver in order to earn money for her brother, a gambler. The lives of these two young people blinded by the love of one ordinary night will turn into a dark nightmare. This nightmare will take them first from Istanbul and far away, and later to the estate of the Yaman family. In the first episode of the series, Yilmaz and Zuleyha set out to work on the Yaman estate. However, because of one of Zuleyha's lies - the lives of all of them will change radically.

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  • Image Aras Şenol
    Aras Şenol
  • Image Bülent Polat
    Bülent Polat
  • Image Hilal Altınbilek
    Hilal Altınbilek
  • Image Kerem Alışık
    Kerem Alışık
  • Image Murat Ünalmış
    Murat Ünalmış
  • Image Polen Emre
    Polen Emre
  • Image Selin Genç
    Selin Genç
  • Image Selin Yeninci
    Selin Yeninci
  • Image Serpil Tamur
    Serpil Tamur
  • Image Sibel Taşçıoğlu
    Sibel Taşçıoğlu
  • Image Teksin Pircanlı
    Teksin Pircanlı
  • Image Turgay Aydın
    Turgay Aydın
  • Image Uğur Güneş
    Uğur Güneş
  • Image Vahide Perçin
    Vahide Perçin
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