Blood Father

1h 28m

An ex-con reunites with his estranged wayward 16-year old daughter to protect her from drug dealers who are trying to kill her.


  • Image Alex Gopal
    Alex Gopal
  • Image Alexander Wagenman
    Alexander Wagenman
  • Image Brandi Cochran
    Brandi Cochran
  • Image Brittney Scavo
    Brittney Scavo
  • Image Cheo Tapia
    Cheo Tapia
  • Image Christopher Atwood
    Christopher Atwood
  • Image Christopher W. Garcia
    Christopher W. Garcia
  • Image Dale Dickey
    Dale Dickey
  • Image Daniel Moncada
    Daniel Moncada
  • Image Diego Luna
    Diego Luna
  • Image Erin Moriarty
    Erin Moriarty
  • Image Fred Padilla
    Fred Padilla
  • Image Genia Michaela
    Genia Michaela
  • Image Joanne Camp
    Joanne Camp
  • Image Julian Gopal
    Julian Gopal
  • Image Katalina Parrish
    Katalina Parrish
  • Image Lori Dillen
    Lori Dillen
  • Image Luce Rains
    Luce Rains
  • Image Lucien Dale
    Lucien Dale
  • Image Lyle DeRose
    Lyle DeRose
  • Image Madison Fogle
    Madison Fogle
  • Image Mel Gibson
    Mel Gibson
  • Image Michael Parks
    Michael Parks
  • Image Miguel Sandoval
    Miguel Sandoval
  • Image Nicole Brady
    Nicole Brady
  • Image Raoul Max Trujillo
    Raoul Max Trujillo
  • Image Rich Chavez
    Rich Chavez
  • Image Richard Cabral
    Richard Cabral
  • Image Robert Louder
    Robert Louder
  • Image Ryan Dorsey
    Ryan Dorsey
  • Image Tait Fletcher
    Tait Fletcher
  • Image Thomas Mann
    Thomas Mann
  • Image Tom Joles
    Tom Joles
  • Image Vic Browder
    Vic Browder
  • Image William Fogle
    William Fogle
  • Image William H. Macy
    William H. Macy
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