Blue Jasmine

1h 39m

After experiencing a traumatic misfortune, Jasmine French, a wealthy woman from New York, moves to San Francisco to live with her foster sister Ginger and the firm purpose of getting a new life, but she will be haunted by anxiety and memories of the past.


  • Image Al Palagonia
    Al Palagonia
  • Image Alden Ehrenreich
    Alden Ehrenreich
  • Image Alec Baldwin
    Alec Baldwin
  • Image Ali Fedotowsky
    Ali Fedotowsky
  • Image Andrew Dice Clay
    Andrew Dice Clay
  • Image Andrew Long
    Andrew Long
  • Image Annie McNamara
    Annie McNamara
  • Image Barbara Garrick
    Barbara Garrick
  • Image Bobby Cannavale
    Bobby Cannavale
  • Image Brynn Thayer
    Brynn Thayer
  • Image Cate Blanchett
    Cate Blanchett
  • Image Catherine MacNeal
    Catherine MacNeal
  • Image Charlie Tahan
    Charlie Tahan
  • Image Christopher Rubin
    Christopher Rubin
  • Image Colin Thomson
    Colin Thomson
  • Image Conor Kellicutt
    Conor Kellicutt
  • Image Daniel Hepner
    Daniel Hepner
  • Image Daniel Jenks
    Daniel Jenks
  • Image Dean Farwood
    Dean Farwood
  • Image Diane Amos
    Diane Amos
  • Image Emily Bergl
    Emily Bergl
  • Image Emily Hsu
    Emily Hsu
  • Image Glen Caspillo
    Glen Caspillo
  • Image Glenn Fleshler
    Glenn Fleshler
  • Image Irit Levi
    Irit Levi
  • Image Joe Bellan
    Joe Bellan
  • Image John Harrington Bland
    John Harrington Bland
  • Image Joy Carlin
    Joy Carlin
  • Image Kathy Tong
    Kathy Tong
  • Image Laurena Allan
    Laurena Allan
  • Image Leslie Lyles
    Leslie Lyles
  • Image Louis C.K.
    Louis C.K.
  • Image Martin Cantu
    Martin Cantu
  • Image Maurice Sonnenberg
    Maurice Sonnenberg
  • Image Max Casella
    Max Casella
  • Image Max Rutherford
    Max Rutherford
  • Image Michael Stuhlbarg
    Michael Stuhlbarg
  • Image Peter Sarsgaard
    Peter Sarsgaard
  • Image Richard Conti
    Richard Conti
  • Image Sally Hawkins
    Sally Hawkins
  • Image Shannon Finn
    Shannon Finn
  • Image Tammy Blanchard
    Tammy Blanchard
  • Image Ted Neustadt
    Ted Neustadt
  • Image Tom Kemp
    Tom Kemp
  • Image Val Diamond
    Val Diamond
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