Bringing Out the Dead

2h 1m

Once called Father Frank for his efforts to rescue lives, Frank sees the ghosts of those he failed to save around every turn. He has tried everything he can to get fired, calling in sick, delaying taking calls where he might have to face one more victim he couldn't help, yet cannot quit the job on his own.


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    Afemo Omilami
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    Aida Turturro
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    Aleks Shaklin
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    Andy Davoli
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    Antone Pagan
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    Arthur J. Nascarella
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    Bernie Friedman
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    Betty Miller
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    Brian Smyj
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    Bronson Dudley
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    Carolyn Campbell
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    Catrina Ganey
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    Charis Michelsen
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    Charlene Hunter
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    Cliff Curtis
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    Ed Jupp Jr.
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    Erica Bamforth
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    Floyd Resnick
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    Frank Ciornei
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    George F. Miller
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    Graciela Lecube
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    J. Stanford Hoffman
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    Jack O'Connell
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    Jennifer Lane Newman
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    Jesse Malin
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    Jesus A. Del Rosario Jr.
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    Marshall Dancing Elk Lucas
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    Martin Scorsese
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    Mary Beth Hurt
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    Megan Leigh
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    Michael A. Noto
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    Michael Kenneth Williams
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    Phyllis Somerville
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    Queen Latifah
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    Tom Sizemore
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    Ving Rhames
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