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Four friends join an anti-bucin class so they can have a more mature relationship. However, the anti-bucin class actually threatens their love and friendship relations.


  • Image Andovi da Lopez
    Andovi da Lopez
  • Image Chandra Liow
    Chandra Liow
  • Image David Beat
    David Beat
  • Image Deddy Corbuzier
    Deddy Corbuzier
  • Image Gading Marten
    Gading Marten
  • Image Helmy Yahya
    Helmy Yahya
  • Image Ibob Tarigan
    Ibob Tarigan
  • Image Jovial Da Lopez
    Jovial Da Lopez
  • Image Karina Salim
    Karina Salim
  • Image Kezia Aletheia
    Kezia Aletheia
  • Image Niniek L. Karim
    Niniek L. Karim
  • Image Susan Sameh
    Susan Sameh
  • Image Tommy Limmm
    Tommy Limmm
  • Image Uus
  • Image Widika Sidmore
    Widika Sidmore
  • Image Yudha Keling
    Yudha Keling
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