Buffalo Boys

1h 43m

Betrayed by the Dutch colonial forces, Arana manages to escape along with his nephews Jamar and Suwo, the newborn sons of Hamza, one of the last Indonesian sultans fighting against foreign tyranny. In 1860, after wandering for years on the plains of the American Wild West, Arana and the two brothers return to Indonesia to avenge their dead loved ones and punish the evil man who caused their misfortune.


  • Image Abdul Razak
    Abdul Razak
  • Image Alex Abbad
    Alex Abbad
  • Image Alexander Winters
    Alexander Winters
  • Image Arie Jan Hendrik
    Arie Jan Hendrik
  • Image Ario Bayu
    Ario Bayu
  • Image Conan Stevens
    Conan Stevens
  • Image Craig Alexander Miller
    Craig Alexander Miller
  • Image Cullet Eric
    Cullet Eric
  • Image Daniel Adnan
    Daniel Adnan
  • Image Donny Alamsyah
    Donny Alamsyah
  • Image Donny Damara
    Donny Damara
  • Image Dyah Prima Ariyati
    Dyah Prima Ariyati
  • Image El Manik
    El Manik
  • Image Hannah Al Rashid
    Hannah Al Rashid
  • Image Happy Salma
    Happy Salma
  • Image Maya Wulan
    Maya Wulan
  • Image Mike Lucock
    Mike Lucock
  • Image Mike Wiluan
    Mike Wiluan
  • Image Mikha Tambayong
    Mikha Tambayong
  • Image Novi Suraadhitama
    Novi Suraadhitama
  • Image Pevita Pearce
    Pevita Pearce
  • Image Reinout Bussemaker
    Reinout Bussemaker
  • Image Sunny Pang
    Sunny Pang
  • Image Sutan Faiz Mualana As-Shidiq
    Sutan Faiz Mualana As-Shidiq
  • Image Tio Pakusadewo
    Tio Pakusadewo
  • Image Vania Valencia
    Vania Valencia
  • Image Yoshi Sudarso
    Yoshi Sudarso
  • Image Yuhang Ho
    Yuhang Ho
  • Image Zack Lee
    Zack Lee
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