Buku Harianku

1h 34m

By her mother, Kila was entrusted to her grandfather who lived in the village. She then meets her old friend and involved in an unexpected adventure.


  • Image Astanur Cahya
    Astanur Cahya
  • Image Bacun Hakim
    Bacun Hakim
  • Image Daffa Raqila Putra
    Daffa Raqila Putra
  • Image Dwi Sasono
    Dwi Sasono
  • Image Ence Bagus
    Ence Bagus
  • Image Fairel K. Ramadhan
    Fairel K. Ramadhan
  • Image Gary Iskak
    Gary Iskak
  • Image Kayyisah Zahra Rusydian
    Kayyisah Zahra Rusydian
  • Image Kila Putri Alam
    Kila Putri Alam
  • Image Samanta Zulaikha
    Samanta Zulaikha
  • Image Slamet Rahardjo
    Slamet Rahardjo
  • Image Tizza Radia
    Tizza Radia
  • Image Widi Mulia
    Widi Mulia
  • Image Widuri Puteri
    Widuri Puteri
  • Image Wina Marino
    Wina Marino
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