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A suicidally disillusioned liberal politician puts a contract out on himself and takes the opportunity to be bluntly honest with his voters by affecting the rhythms and speech of hip-hop music and culture.


  • Image Adilah Barnes
    Adilah Barnes
  • Image Amiri Baraka
    Amiri Baraka
  • Image Ariyan A. Johnson
    Ariyan A. Johnson
  • Image Barry Shabaka Henley
    Barry Shabaka Henley
  • Image Brian Hooks
    Brian Hooks
  • Image Christine Baranski
    Christine Baranski
  • Image Deborah Lacey
    Deborah Lacey
  • Image Deborah Moore
    Deborah Moore
  • Image Debra Monk
    Debra Monk
  • Image Don Cheadle
    Don Cheadle
  • Image Ernie Lee Banks
    Ernie Lee Banks
  • Image Florence Stanley
    Florence Stanley
  • Image George Hamilton
    George Hamilton
  • Image Graham Beckel
    Graham Beckel
  • Image Halle Berry
    Halle Berry
  • Image Helen Martin
    Helen Martin
  • Image Isaiah Washington
    Isaiah Washington
  • Image J. Kenneth Campbell
    J. Kenneth Campbell
  • Image Jack Warden
    Jack Warden
  • Image James Pickens Jr.
    James Pickens Jr.
  • Image Jann Carl
    Jann Carl
  • Image Jermaine Williams
    Jermaine Williams
  • Image Jim Haynie
    Jim Haynie
  • Image Joshua Malina
    Joshua Malina
  • Image Kevin Cooney
    Kevin Cooney
  • Image Kimberly Deauna Adams
    Kimberly Deauna Adams
  • Image Kirk Baltz
    Kirk Baltz
  • Image Larry King
    Larry King
  • Image Laurie Metcalf
    Laurie Metcalf
  • Image Marion Jackson
    Marion Jackson
  • Image Michael Clarke Duncan
    Michael Clarke Duncan
  • Image Myra J.
    Myra J.
  • Image Nora Dunn
    Nora Dunn
  • Image Oliver Platt
    Oliver Platt
  • Image Paul Sorvino
    Paul Sorvino
  • Image Randee Heller
    Randee Heller
  • Image Robin Gammell
    Robin Gammell
  • Image Sarah Silverman
    Sarah Silverman
  • Image Scott Michael Campbell
    Scott Michael Campbell
  • Image Sean Astin
    Sean Astin
  • Image Thomas Jefferson Byrd
    Thomas Jefferson Byrd
  • Image Vinny Argiro
    Vinny Argiro
  • Image Warren Beatty
    Warren Beatty
  • Image Wendell Pierce
    Wendell Pierce
  • Image William Baldwin
    William Baldwin
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