Cactus Flower

1h 43m
  • Cactus Flower
  • 16-12-1969
  • Comedy, Romance
  • Gene Saks
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Distraught when her middle-aged lover breaks a date with her, 21-year-old Toni Simmons attempts suicide. Impressed by her action, her lover, dentist Julian Winston reconsiders marrying Toni, but he worries about her insistence on honesty. Having fabricated a wife and three children, Julian readily accepts when his devoted nurse, Stephanie, who has secretly loved Julian for years, offers to act as his wife and demand a divorce.


  • Image Eve Bruce
    Eve Bruce
  • Image Goldie Hawn
    Goldie Hawn
  • Image Hy Chase
    Hy Chase
  • Image Ingrid Bergman
    Ingrid Bergman
  • Image Irene Hervey
    Irene Hervey
  • Image Irwin Charone
    Irwin Charone
  • Image Jack Weston
    Jack Weston
  • Image Linda Burton
    Linda Burton
  • Image Matthew Saks
    Matthew Saks
  • Image Rick Lenz
    Rick Lenz
  • Image Vito Scotti
    Vito Scotti
  • Image Walter Matthau
    Walter Matthau
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