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Call DiCaprio!


The main character is the star of a popular TV series about doctors, actor Yegor Rumyantsev. Having achieved great success, he becomes an egoist and does not notice the feelings and experiences of those around him: he does not come to the shooting, leads a promiscuous sex life and deceives people. One day, Egor finds out that he has HIV. Rumyantsev's brother Lev is a mediocre and unlucky actor who runs a program about useful handicrafts on the cable channel "Ant-TV". Leo has a pregnant wife with two young daughters. He has no prospects for making money and moving up the career ladder until he gets a chance to replace his brother Yegor in the series.

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  • Image Aleksandra Revenko
    Aleksandra Revenko
  • Image Alexander Petrov
    Alexander Petrov
  • Image Andrey Burkovskiy
    Andrey Burkovskiy
  • Image Anna Khilkevich
    Anna Khilkevich
  • Image Anna Nevskaya
    Anna Nevskaya
  • Image Sergey Lavygin
    Sergey Lavygin
  • Image Yuliya Aleksandrova
    Yuliya Aleksandrova
  • Image Yuliya Khlynina
    Yuliya Khlynina
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