Camp Rock

1h 38m

When Mitchie gets a chance to attend Camp Rock, her life takes an unpredictable twist, and she learns just how important it is to be true to yourself.


  • Image Aaryn Doyle
    Aaryn Doyle
  • Image Adam Sergison
    Adam Sergison
  • Image Alyson Stoner
    Alyson Stoner
  • Image Anjelica Scannura
    Anjelica Scannura
  • Image Anna Maria Perez de Tagle
    Anna Maria Perez de Tagle
  • Image Bailey Stocker
    Bailey Stocker
  • Image Chres M. Kim
    Chres M. Kim
  • Image Daniel Celebre
    Daniel Celebre
  • Image Daniel Fathers
    Daniel Fathers
  • Image Demi Lovato
    Demi Lovato
  • Image Dwayne Gulston
    Dwayne Gulston
  • Image Edward Jaunz
    Edward Jaunz
  • Image Giovanni Spina
    Giovanni Spina
  • Image Hayley Lochner
    Hayley Lochner
  • Image Irvin Washington
    Irvin Washington
  • Image Jake Brockman
    Jake Brockman
  • Image Jasmine Richards
    Jasmine Richards
  • Image Jee-Yun Lee
    Jee-Yun Lee
  • Image Jennifer Ricci
    Jennifer Ricci
  • Image Joe Jonas
    Joe Jonas
  • Image Jordan Francis
    Jordan Francis
  • Image Judy Kovacs
    Judy Kovacs
  • Image Julie Brown
    Julie Brown
  • Image Kathryn Ballantine
    Kathryn Ballantine
  • Image Katie McCrory
    Katie McCrory
  • Image Kevin Jonas
    Kevin Jonas
  • Image Kimberly O'Neill
    Kimberly O'Neill
  • Image Laura Thorne
    Laura Thorne
  • Image Marc Cardarelli
    Marc Cardarelli
  • Image Maria Canals-Barrera
    Maria Canals-Barrera
  • Image Max Topplin
    Max Topplin
  • Image Meaghan Jette Martin
    Meaghan Jette Martin
  • Image Michael David Cheng
    Michael David Cheng
  • Image Nick Jonas
    Nick Jonas
  • Image Nikki Shah
    Nikki Shah
  • Image Roshan Amendra
    Roshan Amendra
  • Image Roshon Fegan
    Roshon Fegan
  • Image Sarah Francis
    Sarah Francis
  • Image Shennel Campbell
    Shennel Campbell
  • Image Sherry Anne Campbell
    Sherry Anne Campbell
  • Image Stefanie Campbell
    Stefanie Campbell
  • Image Tamina Pollack-Paris
    Tamina Pollack-Paris
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