1h 33m

Coy "Cannonball" Buckman (David Carradine) and his blazing red Pontiac enter the Trans-America Grand Prix, an underground road race spanning the continent in which there are no rules, no speed limits and no heed for the law. En route, Buckman jockeys with an international ensemble of racers for a $100,000 purse. But there are none more important than Cade Redman (Bill McKinney), his direct competition for a guaranteed spot on the elite Modern Motors racing team.


  • Image Allan Arkush
    Allan Arkush
  • Image Archie Hahn
    Archie Hahn
  • Image Aron Kincaid
    Aron Kincaid
  • Image Belinda Balaski
    Belinda Balaski
  • Image Bill McKinney
    Bill McKinney
  • Image Carl Gottlieb
    Carl Gottlieb
  • Image David Arkin
    David Arkin
  • Image David Carradine
    David Carradine
  • Image David N. Gottlieb
    David N. Gottlieb
  • Image Deirdre Ardell
    Deirdre Ardell
  • Image Diane Lee Hart
    Diane Lee Hart
  • Image Dick Miller
    Dick Miller
  • Image Don Simpson
    Don Simpson
  • Image Gary Austin
    Gary Austin
  • Image George Wagner
    George Wagner
  • Image Gerrit Graham
    Gerrit Graham
  • Image Glenn Johnson
    Glenn Johnson
  • Image Glynn Rubin
    Glynn Rubin
  • Image Gretchen Ardell
    Gretchen Ardell
  • Image James Keach
    James Keach
  • Image James Lashly
    James Lashly
  • Image Jim Connors
    Jim Connors
  • Image Joe Dante
    Joe Dante
  • Image Joe Wong
    Joe Wong
  • Image John Alderman
    John Alderman
  • Image John Herzfeld
    John Herzfeld
  • Image Jonathan Kaplan
    Jonathan Kaplan
  • Image Joseph McBride
    Joseph McBride
  • Image Judy Canova
    Judy Canova
  • Image Keith Michl
    Keith Michl
  • Image Lea Gould
    Lea Gould
  • Image Linda Civitello
    Linda Civitello
  • Image Louisa Moritz
    Louisa Moritz
  • Image Martin Scorsese
    Martin Scorsese
  • Image Mary Woronov
    Mary Woronov
  • Image Mary-Robin Redd
    Mary-Robin Redd
  • Image Michael Finnell
    Michael Finnell
  • Image Miller Drake
    Miller Drake
  • Image Patrick Wright
    Patrick Wright
  • Image Paul Bartel
    Paul Bartel
  • Image Paul Glickler
    Paul Glickler
  • Image Peter Cornberg
    Peter Cornberg
  • Image Read Morgan
    Read Morgan
  • Image Robert Carradine
    Robert Carradine
  • Image Roger Corman
    Roger Corman
  • Image Samuel W. Gelfman
    Samuel W. Gelfman
  • Image Saul Krugman
    Saul Krugman
  • Image Stanley Bennett Clay
    Stanley Bennett Clay
  • Image Sylvester Stallone
    Sylvester Stallone
  • Image Todd McCarthy
    Todd McCarthy
  • Image Veronica Hamel
    Veronica Hamel
  • Image Wendy Bartel
    Wendy Bartel
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