Image Challenges at Midlife

Challenges at Midlife


Jian Hong Cheng, the son of the Director of Linshui No.2 Agricultural Machinery Factory, falls in love at first sight with his university classmate Ning Yu. However he was constantly rejected, and only gave up on her when she graduated and got married. His father, Jian Zhi Guo, was injured by his employee Cui Hao, and his health deteriorated, thus passing on the factory to him. In order to secure his son's contracting rights of the factory, Jian Zhi Guo also forces his daughter Jian Min Min to marry his disciple Zhang Li Xin, who temporarily took over as the head of the factory. However, Zhang Li Xin secretly fights for authority. After Jian Zhi Guo passes away, Jian Hong Cheng left his village. (Source: DramaWiki)

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  • Image Danni Chong
    Danni Chong
  • Image Feng Hui
    Feng Hui
  • Image Jia Nailiang
    Jia Nailiang
  • Image Jing Yanjun
    Jing Yanjun
  • Image Junpeng Huang
    Junpeng Huang
  • Image Lei Jiayin
    Lei Jiayin
  • Image Li Dianzun
    Li Dianzun
  • Image Li Naiwen
    Li Naiwen
  • Image Lian Shumei
    Lian Shumei
  • Image Liang Guanhua
    Liang Guanhua
  • Image Luo Haiqiong
    Luo Haiqiong
  • Image Qian Jie
    Qian Jie
  • Image Quan Yuan
    Quan Yuan
  • Image Shi Shi
    Shi Shi
  • Image Sun Ning
    Sun Ning
  • Image Tie Zheng
    Tie Zheng
  • Image Wang Churan
    Wang Churan
  • Image Wu Yitong
    Wu Yitong
  • Image Xia Meng
    Xia Meng
  • Image Xiaopin Yan
    Xiaopin Yan
  • Image Xu Min
    Xu Min
  • Image Zhang Jianxin
    Zhang Jianxin
  • Image Zhang Li
    Zhang Li
  • Image Zhang Yixing
    Zhang Yixing
  • Image Zhou Fang
    Zhou Fang
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