Children of the Corn

1h 33m

A boy preacher named Isaac goes to a town in Nebraska called Gatlin and gets all the children to murder every adult in town.


  • Image Anne Marie McEvoy
    Anne Marie McEvoy
  • Image Courtney Gains
    Courtney Gains
  • Image D.G. Johnson
    D.G. Johnson
  • Image Dan Snook
    Dan Snook
  • Image David Cowen
    David Cowen
  • Image Elmer Soderstrom
    Elmer Soderstrom
  • Image John Franklin
    John Franklin
  • Image John Philbin
    John Philbin
  • Image Jonas Marlowe
    Jonas Marlowe
  • Image Julie Maddalena
    Julie Maddalena
  • Image Linda Hamilton
    Linda Hamilton
  • Image Mitch Carter
    Mitch Carter
  • Image Patrick Boylan
    Patrick Boylan
  • Image Peter Horton
    Peter Horton
  • Image R. G. Armstrong
    R. G. Armstrong
  • Image Robby Kiger
    Robby Kiger
  • Image Suzy Southam
    Suzy Southam
  • Image Teresa Toigo
    Teresa Toigo
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