Christmas Crossfire

1h 45m

A man foils an attempted murder, then flees the crew of would-be killers along with their intended target as a woman he's just met tries to find him.


  • Image Alli Neumann
    Alli Neumann
  • Image Anika Mauer
    Anika Mauer
  • Image Arthur Wichmann
    Arthur Wichmann
  • Image Bernd Hölscher
    Bernd Hölscher
  • Image Christian Lorenz
    Christian Lorenz
  • Image Dela Dabulamanzi
    Dela Dabulamanzi
  • Image Detlev Buck
    Detlev Buck
  • Image Emilia Nöth
    Emilia Nöth
  • Image Eva Weißenborn
    Eva Weißenborn
  • Image Frederic Linkemann
    Frederic Linkemann
  • Image Ian Köhler
    Ian Köhler
  • Image Jakob Schmidt
    Jakob Schmidt
  • Image Karsten Mielke
    Karsten Mielke
  • Image Kostja Ullmann
    Kostja Ullmann
  • Image Malte Niklas Thomsen
    Malte Niklas Thomsen
  • Image Mengstab Gebrelibanos
    Mengstab Gebrelibanos
  • Image Merlin Rose
    Merlin Rose
  • Image Pambe Alphonse Petit
    Pambe Alphonse Petit
  • Image Peter Kurth
    Peter Kurth
  • Image Roman Schomburg
    Roman Schomburg
  • Image Sascha Alexander Geršak
    Sascha Alexander Geršak
  • Image Sophia Thomalla
    Sophia Thomalla
  • Image Steffen Scheumann
    Steffen Scheumann
  • Image Titi Diop
    Titi Diop
  • Image Wenka von Mikulicz
    Wenka von Mikulicz
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