Image Cinta Bukan Kristal

Cinta Bukan Kristal


The story of Aryana (Ayda Jebat), a village girl who is determined to change her fate by marrying a rich man. Aryana started looking for a job in Kuala Lumpur and changed her appearance. She meets Adrian Hilman (Sharnaaz Ahmad) while working as Dato Manan's (Esma Daniel) secretary. Impressed by the level of well-being, the perfection of life that Adrian Hilman possesses, Aryana is determined to reach out to him eventhough she knows that Adrian Hilman already has a family. Adrian is a wonderful husband to his wife, Sofea Darlina (Nina Iskandar) and loving father to Danisya (Farzana Latiff) and Hakim (Syed Muhammad Irfan). Sofea can sense that her husband is having an affair with a young girl. However, she did not speak fast. In the course of the events, Adrian starts to lose interest with Aryana and realizes how sincere Sofea is, yet he is only a few days before their engagement day. Aryana is beset by guilt, and is determined to leave Adrian. Adrian calmly accepted Aryana's decision. Adrian is now fully aware of his mistake and how sincere Sofea is, a wife he should not hurt.

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  • Image Amanda Misbun
    Amanda Misbun
  • Image Ayda Jebat
    Ayda Jebat
  • Image Ayu Raudah
    Ayu Raudah
  • Image Dayana Roza
    Dayana Roza
  • Image Esma Dainal
    Esma Dainal
  • Image Farzana Latiff
    Farzana Latiff
  • Image Fauziah Nawi
    Fauziah Nawi
  • Image Nazrief Nazri
    Nazrief Nazri
  • Image Nina Iskandar
    Nina Iskandar
  • Image Raja Afiq
    Raja Afiq
  • Image Sharnaaz Ahmad
    Sharnaaz Ahmad
  • Image Syed Muhammad Irfan
    Syed Muhammad Irfan
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